Money may talk, but chocolate sings. ~ Author Unknown.

Warning. If you search for unique Christmas gifts, you’re bound to find some strange options.

Below, you’ll find the current compilation of World’s Most Inappropriate-Looking Candy… a constant reminder that sugar, corn syrup and marketing can have unexpected consequences.

  •  Most Recent : April 17, 2009.













In Japan, you can buy pastries that look like a woman’s boob. Maybe they make 36-DD’s for large parties.










Combining obesity with alcoholism since 1896.



 Memo to marketing department: Don’t make a chocolate bar that alienates the main demographic that enjoys chocolate. It’s like Budweiser putting “Screw Dale Jr!” on the side of each can.


  • January 25, 2009.


Could someone get a translator please? Because the name of this candy resembles the English slang “dingleberry” which is surely just a translation error, right?

Until you look at the illustration.



“Instant Jew’s Ear Fungus”? Another translation nightmare.

Look for “Polish Immigrant Nutsack Rash”, coming in 2010.



This is marketed as “The Candy Pop That Licks You Back!”. The giraffe requires a AA battery before it starts it’s thrusting motion. Yes. A giraffe will repeatedly, for hours on end, thrust it’s lollipop tongue for your general amusement.

I hear the kids aren’t too excited about it, but Mommy has the factory on back-order.




Kids like gross, shock-value kid of things. Why else do you thing gummi worms came into existence?
Marketing the “Two Girls, One Cup Junior Edition” seems over-the-line, though.

The only candy that asks you to turn your head and cough!

  • December 27, 2008.


Combines the fruity taste of a Starburst-like candy with cartoon pictures of a fruit-orgy.


  • December 5, 2008.


Our latest entrant can be purchased here. I’ m guessing that flesh-colored thing is a guitar?!


  • October 28, 2008.


The original post. How could something so innocent go so completely wrong?


5 Responses to “World’s Most Inappropriate-Looking Candy”

  1. jen Says:

    What a great post. Makes you wonder, HOW does this stuff get out there? And then…who in the world, buys it?!

  2. Jacki Says:

    oh this is great i love it 🙂 and i know who buys this stuff people who want to give gag gifts or just mess with friends b/c i would so buy the jewish ear fungus one and the boob shaped one for different friends as a joke lol thats great

  3. Morgana Says:

    i saw the japanese boob candy when i went to japan not too long ago!
    at first i though i was just imagining things until my friend was like “IS THAT BOOB CANDY!?”
    we were wondering whether it would be any good or not but, being girls ourselves, we were too embarrassed to buy it..

  4. […] our desire to keep our lunches down, we looked into this one a little further and discovered that it’s a real product, made in China and […]

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