In the Gainesville Times today, Democracy still exists in Hall County, Georgia. About 180 citizens have gone to the Governor, asking that Tom “I can spend your money” Oliver and Billy “I didn’t do anything wrong” Powell be removed from office. The denials have started.

The bigge4st whopper being told is that the group is just angry and lashing out about broken promises, budgets, and libraries.

Was that meant to be a defense because it sure sounds like good reasons to impeach a couuple of self serving public servants?

This current complaint revisits land deals in Gainesville and the ‘exchange’ of some swamp land in Florida for special road building projects.

The idea of our government includes fairness. That means the government should never put the wants of one individual over the needs of all.

Governor, Tear Down this Wall of Corruption!


To paraphrase an old adtage, there’s only two kinds of politicians. Corrupt politicians and the ones under indictment.

Nathan Deal is a corrupt politician who should be indicted and convicted. Six counts of ethics violations and he blames the Democrats for a witch hunt! (Story in the AJC.)

The six counts came from an investigation by 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats. Maybe someone was hunting witches but they found a vampire sucking taxpayers dry.

Even the Gainesville Times  found the story worth publishing. But, you’ve got to love Cagle. Cagle is deeply involved in the scandal and refused to cooperate.

“We have voluntarily taken an active role in an investigation that we are not even the subject of and furthermore conducted by an organization that exercises no jurisdiction over state constitutional officers,” Cagle said in a statement. “Simply put, we’ve given them everything we have to give them.”

Nice double speak. Nixonisms. I am not a crook. I’m protected by the Constitution. Those tapes are exempt from investigation. I’ve given you everything you’re going to get from me.

Good to know the Constitutional Crisis called Watergate improved the quality of our public servants… 

Remember the Ethics Complain filed against Cagle last year, just before he dropped out of the Governor’s Race? Cagle was a ‘business consultant’ and President of Strateia Group of Atlanta. But, Cagle has never reported his business consulting to the public, not even on his resume’. Why? Except to hide something? You can read up on Cagle and his padded resume’s here.

Bart Graham refused to cooperate unless he was subpoenaed. He’s the one with the audio tapes of the meeting with Cagle, Deal, and Deal’s Congressional Staff. He’s also subject to being fired by State officials. Would you cooperate without a subpoena if your job was on the line in this economy?

Deal, a corrupt politician. K. C. Cagle, a liar and a corrupt politician. And let’s not forget the Chair of the Hall County Commission, Tom Oliver. Corrupt. And just like Nixon, putting up a stonewall.

Will Hall County voters wake up to the only kind of politician left in office? The corrupt ones.

Here’s a sample of blog entries by Right Wing blogs that love Nathan Deal and that love K.C. Cagle.


Let’s recall Tom Oliver. How can we help?

Mad Dog

Checking the headlines this morning, it seems Tom Oliver remains the County Commission Chair. His Chair will need to be filled. That’s just a matter of when. When the time comes and it will be soon, who’s manipulating behind the scenes for the seat?

Let’s start with the usual suspects. Out of Flowery Branch we have Fetterman and Lutz, a political tag team. Lutz is running for the 1st District seat, held by incumbent Bobby Bonds. claims to be running to fix the disfunctional Hall County Commission. The Commission is broken and Oliver broke it so why not run for Commission Chair? Time will tell how far Lutz will go with his life long ambitions.

We have a suggestion for Fetterman and Lutz. We want to plant the seeds of a Presidential Campaign for 2011. The field is wide open. It will be a fight for an occupied seat. But no one else has ever tried to get elected in a non-election year. What better way to show initiative and leadership? Not to mention innovation! And by running for President in 2011, they will have time tp break new ground by getting elected County Commission Chair and Co-Chair. Anything that will get them out of Flowery Branch.

Tom Oliver, Craig Lutz, Chris Fetterman, men of ambition, determination, and an unparalleled vision for change we can believe in.

If a cop shoots a criminal, even in self-defense, the cop is suspended pending investigation.

So why not suspend Commissioner Tom Oliver during his criminal investigation? The public has spoken on this issue. The majority of people want him out of office, NOW! And a recall effort being made. The second choice, just shoot him in the knee, comes in a close second to firing him.

Third on the list is to suspend him until he’s indicted. Then, shoot him in the knee and fire him.

Of course the survey has a statistic margin of error equal to the difference between shooting him in the knee and shooting him somewhere NOT in the knee.

Just another passing shot at the County Commission.

Remember this story in the Times?

Or this story from Access North Georgia? Or here?

How about that Tom Oliver, who says he’s just a farmer?

Rumor has it that County Commission Chair, Tom Oliver, will resign today.

According to the Times, Oliver has paid $75,900 to a consultant who only provides verbal reports and reported only to Oliver. Oliver is facing a recall petition, probable GBI investigation, and possible FBI investigations.

An open records request from The Times for all communications and documents between the county and Cox produced only the monthly invoices since February 2006 from Cox’s Omega Consulting — no contract, no reports, no correspondence.

Maybe Oliver will pull the Real Deal resignation trick. Remember how Nathan Deal handled the federal ethics investigation? Deal announced a resignation from Congress, which ended the ethics investigation. Once that went away, Deal de-announced his resignation.

So watch the meeting tonight, either in person or live on cable. Will Oliver spare our government a lengthy criminal investigation? Has he already cut a behind the scenes immunity deal for a resignation?

Stay tuned to the Reality Show, Tom Olivers House.