In the Commissioners race for District 1, we have the incumbent, Bobby Banks running for re-election. Then, current Flowery Branch City Council member Craig Lutz non-announced his candidacy until he did announce. Kimbo Senter recently announced as a candidate in that race. That made three.

Some angry homeowners along Gaines Ferry and McEver have been looking for a White Horse to run as a spoiler for Craig Lutz. The rumor first started out as ‘we’re looking for someone from the TeaParty to run.’

But, after the TeaParty Convention, no one knows or ever knew the platform for the TeaParty. So, the search for a White Horse continued.

Now a new movement has been drafting Mike Parker to run. Mike made the infamous Coca-Cola comment at the Council meeting some weeks ago. His angry manner may work perfectly to polarize voters in the District.  With the certainty of mud slinging between Lutz and Parker, Senter or Banks could cross the line first.

While Parker mulls the odds of muddy waters, we don’t know if he will run as a neo-con, Ne0-Lib, TeaParty go’er, or a godless Communist. We’re not sure if the GOP will allow him as a candidate. Just think back to the Clerk of the Court race and Bob Vass.

Those who remember know that Bob Vass took the GOP Loyalty Oath, paid his fees to the Party, and legally qualified to be on the ballot for the clerks office. Then, the County GOP, just before election day, disqualified him as a Republican Candidate. It seems Mr. Vass had at least once voted Democrat in a primary.

So Parker would be well advised not to run on the GOP ticket even if he is a Republican voter. The local party sucks that badly.

So will the Democrats want him on the ballot? Is there a Hall County Democratic Party and do they recruit candidates?

So how about a run as an Independent? A Write In Candidacy?

Even as this is being composed, a rumor has come in that Fetterman will enter the race, trying to split the vote further. He’s the Sweet Tea Party candidate, endorsed by the Sterling on the Lake Tennis Club. Just kidding.

Best of luck to anyone considering becoming labeled as a politician these days.


Would you like to pay more for sewer service just so a handful of people pay less?

There’s another free ride coming. When Sterling on the Lake was proposed, the builder wanted postage stamp sized lots, too small for septic systems. Without postage stamps for yards, the builder couldn’t make ‘enough’ money. So, the builder got his cut, the  buyers got  private sewer, and everyone was happy.

It’s unclear when the whining and crying started. Was it when the GOP started cutting the state budget and revoked money for property tax relief? Was it when the builder went bankrupt? When Hall County bailed out the private citizens by purchasing the private sewer system? Or was the it the burden of paying that monthly house payment of $2,000 and up?

Like it’s been said before, the homeowners didn’t have the cash to buy the water treatment plant. And they don’t have $41 a month for sewer. So don’t make the rest of the county support you.

No free ride for Sterling on the Lake. If you can’t afford to live there, Delta is having a sale on one way air fare.

Flowery Branch City Council Member should explain why he left the Hall County Commission meeting last Thursday without addressing the sewer issues.

His blog is devoid of details, just more attacks on Hall County.

Craig had an obligation to speak out at the time of meeting when sewer rates were on the agenda.

He didn’t speak because he left early to play a game of tennis. Explain it to all of Hall County, Craig. How you can slam our leadership for ‘over charging’ you on sewers but spend your time playing tennis while the Hall County Council discusses the very issue of sewer rates.

Explain it public because that’s where you slam others.

Or explain it here.  That’s public enough of a forum to cover the importance of tennis versus representing Flowery Branch.

Imagine buying a home and signing a contract that includes a monthly Home Owner Association (HOA) fee. That’s a contract, legally binding and enforceable in court. But, you change your mind later and refuse to pay the monthly fee because other HOA fees in the same county are less. The leaders of the HOA take your land, your house, and throw you and your lying, cheating, two-faced butt out.

And the HOA should do exactly that.

But, the residents of Reunion, Sterling on the Lake and Village at Deaton Creek subdivisions are trying to break a contract made with the purchase of their homes.

“Currently, sewer customers pay a flat rate of $42, inherited by the county when it bought the plant from developer John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods.”

Now these folkes wanted to live in John Wieland Homes and they wanted sewer. They signed contracts. And they have been paying the $42 per month. Reunion’s developer has gone into foreclosure according to the Times.

On Thursday, Compass Bank filed foreclosure notices in The Times against John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods. The bank is seeking repayment on a $23 million loan it gave Wieland to build Reunion subdivision, a planned community that opened in 2001.

Hall County helped delay the collapse of Wieland and bought the Wieland private sewer plant. Now that the government owns the sewer contract, the homeowners don’t want to pay.

Meet your legal obligations ya dead beats. Just like Wieland. On the court house steps if necessary.

And if the Flowery Branch City Council members want to make it a political issue, let them buy the sewer plant back form Hall County.

That exactly the freaken advice Fetterman and Craig Lutz gave on their blogs when some homeowners protested the annexation and rezoning along McEver Road. All I can offer to that group is to let them know that the property is for sale.  If you would like to buy it, the government will not force you to build on it. ” (Posted February 4, 2010)

What’s good for one group of homeowners is good enough for another group.

The Gainesville Times has this very favorable piece about Flowery Branch and Brett Barwick. It’s very favorable because it doesn’t reflect the sales pitch being made by Brett on behalf of industrial expansion east of I-985.

A standing room only crowd of more than 80 people signed a petition Tuesday night to oppose the annexation and industrialization of Gaines Ferry Road. That’s a fact not in the Gainesville Times and a fact not being shared by Brett Barwick.

Mr. Barwick became the only supporter of Lutz and the Flowery Branch council’s effort to dehumanize our neighborhoods. Saying, “I’m not here to sell anyone on the idea, but you all should take want is being offered to you.”

In fact, nothing was offered to us. We were told. “Take this and be happy.”

In fact, we didn’t take it and we’re going to oppose it tonight in the city meeting. Those people who think government should be for the people who are here, who were here first, and have done the most to make Hall County a good place to live  are getting the shaft. We should all be at the Flowery Branch meeting, 5517 Main Street, Flowery Branch at 6 pm tonight.

Is the city falling apart under Lutz and Fetterman’s Sterling Cabal? It seems to be at least on the ‘wrong side of the tracks.’

In December, a street washed away. Now the sewer clogged up and at least a thousand gallons of … crap bubbled up. Bubbled up and into Lake Lanier via the creek.

Why is it that some people in Flowery Branch can’t be treated the same as Sterling on the Lake? Meaning, one group of people can’t use their garbage disposal. Just one small area. Just a few people.

A modest suggestion to the Branch council members. Fix your problems and clean up the crap!