On Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009, LOL will annouce it’s ASSHAT OF THE YEAR AWARD. 

 This post is dedicated to highlight our nominees and allow for some last minute nominations from the floor.  Add names or vote in the comments section below.

(Nominees are not in rank order)

 Nominee #1:  GLENN BECK

 Glenn Beck was one of our first nominees for this dubious award.  If you don’t remember this lie, just watch his show this week and surely you can find five more.  It isn’t Beck’s fault.  His network rewards this type of behavior, and he is just trying to stay competitive with Sean Hannity.  Now, the left does have their share of news media radicals (Ed Schultz and Keith Olberman come to mind); however, these two do not seem to use the over the top sensational lies that Mr. Beck has become so famous for.  Whether you vote for Beck or not, we have to leave you with this video link.

Nomination #2:  JAMES CARNEY (aka Moby in the Morning) 

This guy has bounced around more radio stations in the Atlanta area than I can count.  His first show in the Atlanta market was on KICKS 101.5.  It was cancelled after a high profile ratings war with then Atlanta favorite Rhubarb Jones.  He bounced around for awhile and has found a permanent gig on WNGC 106.1.  You would think that being fired for inappropriate comments and bad ratings would make a man wiser, but then there was this great soapbox moment back in June.

Nominee #3:  REPRESENTATIVE JOE WILSON (R – Backwoods, South Carolina) 

Known for the scream heard round the world, Mr. Wilson is my front runner for the asshat award.  Now, yes Democrats referred to Mr. Bush as several vile things, and people marched around the White House with signs that I would be embarrassed for my mother to see.  Democratic leaders even booed Mr. Bush during one of his speeches to Congress, but I have never and I mean never seen a more blatant show of disrespect and asshattery than Mr. Wilson demonstrated when he yelled “You Lied!” at President Obama during a joint session of Congress. 

Nominee #4:  SC STATE SENATOR DAVID THOMAS (R – Another Back Bencher, South Carolina) 

We have to be more careful of how we make comparisons.  I was appalled at members of the left claiming that Bush’s terrorist activities were on the level of Adolf Hitler, and the right calling Obama’s healthcare legislation tantamount to the Nazi concentration camps, but comparing the Iranian Protest to legislative stalling techniques is just asinine.  Mr. Thomas I hope your life is never in danger due to your political beliefs, but if it is, I promise I’ll make sure you do not have to use Twitter to defend yourself.

Nominee #5  SUE EVERHART

Don’t know who she is, well neither do the republican leaders of this great state.  She is the head of the Georgia GOP, but  during Saxby’s reelection campaign she was virtually cast to the side lines.  In an attempt to make herself relevant again, we get this lovely assertion that “Politics is war!” So you wanted to be relevant again?  Well, congratulations Ms. Sue Calhoun-Brooks-Davis Everhart you at least earned your triple hyphenated middle name.

Well, it is a weak field, but that is about all the GOParanoid had to offer this year.  Disagree! Add names in the comments section.  We will accept nominations until Wednesday night at 12:00 a.m.  Also, you can vote for this year’s nominees as well. 


Icarus, you cannot nominate yourself. 

Mills, Fetterman, Rogers sorry but you ain’t worthy of an award.  An asshat maybe, but not an award.


Sorry that I cannot give you a link, but just heard Sen. Johnny Isakson say that Reid postponed the vote to Christmas Eve so that Americans would not pay attention. (wsb tv)

I think Johnny has a big “you lied!” in his future. Reid and the democrats would have voted on this thing last week. It is the Senate republicans who have vowed to delay this vote as long as possible. By the way, their possible ended when they realized they might get bad weather late in the day tomorrow.

Also note to Sonny, Sam Olens, and the rest of the GOParanoid, you cannot challenge something’s constitutionality before it passes. Even James Mills knows that. Otherwise he would never be able to sponsor legislation.

Again sorry no links (traveling with iPhone). Maybe Gray will do a quick edit for me.

Merry Christmas!

Update: Video of which political party is truly holding up the vote.

UPDATE (9:46 p.m.):  McCain calls for Joe Wilson to Apologize.

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

One word you never seem to hear in politics is “liar”.  It just isn’t done.  You tend to say my opponent is factually incorrect or you say he has misinformation, but never call him a liar.  I once asked a successful politician why would you not call a liar a liar, and he said it is just too powerful a word to accuse someone running or holding public office as purposefully giving misinformation to the public.  It is just too great a crime.

So Congressman Joe Wilson breaks that precedent by calling the President of the United State a liar during the Joint Session of Congress.

Now, normally I would applaud someone who speaks truth to power, but when you are obviously so misinformed as Mr. Wilson, well, it gets you an Asshat nomination. 

This action might just put him in front runner status.  So Mr. Wilson if you read this blog, and you should, the next time your Governor goes hiking go with him.

The governor explains his adulterous relationship at The Star:

  • “This was a whole lot more than a simple affair, this was a love story,” Sanford said.
  • “There was some kind of connection from the very beginning,” he said.
  • Jenny Sanford found out about the affair in January and has said her husband asked her for permission several times to visit his mistress and she refused.
  • Sanford also admitted meeting his lover more times than he had previously claimed.

This is different from any other political sex scandal in recent memory. Clinton, Vitter, Craig, Edwards and Spitzer repented after their peepee was discovered in someone else’s vajayjay. Can anybody remember a politician declaring “a connection” with the other woman? Or calling them a “soulmate”?

This is turning into some kind of tragedy, a shakespearian tale of lost love and quiet desperation. He committed adultery. And it sounds a lot like love.

There’s really no pleasant way for this to end, is there?

So while many gleefully deride the governor for his moral failings, remember that Sanford doesn’t appear to be in love with his wife anymore. He has forged a bond with another. Poor choices, perhaps from a long-ago marriage proposal that should never have been uttered, have created more bad roads that the governor traveled.

It’s sad to see it all end like this. Sanford should resign. He should also get a divorce, repair his relationship with his kids, and follow his heart to Argentina if that’s where it lies.

No glee here. Just a realistic and compassionate path forward that might still leave his wife with some dignity, his sons with some moral fiber, and himself with a chance at future happiness.

UPDATE (5:14p.m.):  So it turns out that Sunday, June 20 was naked hiking day on the Appalachian Trial.

UPDATE (7:26a.m.):  According to the Governor’s spokesperson, he is hiking the Appalachian trail.  So, if this is true, then who is in charge?

Governor Mark Sanford is missing in action.   He left on Thursday and has not been seen since. His office phone and cell phones have been turned off.

I hope that he is okay. His wife said that she was not concerned, so he probably is. My thoughts are that he is on a cross-country trip with Tom Cruise.

I am also not sure that this is breaking news. Hell, my state representative, James Mills never answers his phone. Don’t believe me give him a try. 

WYYF is reporting that Governor Sanford may not have been on the Appalachian Trail, but instead took a flight out of Hartsfield-Jackson.

Many people may not realize how goofy Mark Sanford (Governor of South Carolina) truly is. As a public resource, here’s a rundown of the Governor’s Greatest Hits.

  • As a congressman (and millionaire), he slept on a futon in his Washington DC apartment.
  • For six years, he used the letterhead of a defeated California Representative (Andrea Seastrand) instead of his own.
  • Bought drinks for three of his fellow congressman at a local movie theatre by getting a big Coke and three extra straws.
  • One of the few politicians to actually honor his term limit pledge (are ya listening, Nathan?)
  • Joined the Air-Force Reserve as a sitting Governor. Left for two weeks of training and refused to transfer power to the Lt. Governor.
  • Tried to vote for himself in 2006, and was denied because he had an incorrect address on his driver’s license. He had to fix the problem at the voter registration office on election day.
  • Had his own party reject 105 out of his 106 vetoes in the same day. The next morning, he brought two pigs to the Capitol building (named “Pork” and “Barrel”).
  • Missed calls and texts from his family on Father’s Day. He was busy hiking the Appalachian Trail.