And finally the hammer dropped on the gay-slur-guy:

Chambliss: “The office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms has concluded its investigation, and I responded to that report immediately with the removal of a member of my staff. I commend the Sergeant at Arms, Terrance Gainer, and his staff for their very thorough and professional work.

“I have called Mr. Jervis, the blog’s author, and apologized to him personally, and I am sorry for the hurt this incident has caused. Regardless of one’s position on issues and policies, such comments are simply unacceptable, are not befitting those who work in the U.S. Senate, and I will not tolerate them from my staff.”

The owner of the blog Joe.My.God who initially discovered the slur had this to say:

“(Saxby) said, ‘There’s been a lot of criticism about why it’s taken so long to bring this to a resolution. But this is something that’s going to dramatically affect someone’s life, and we had to make sure we got it exactly right.’”

Saxby Chambliss has been openly hostile to LGBT issues and he drug his feet on this investigation. But in the end, he did what was right, apologized for bone-headed staff, and corrected the problem.

Props to Saxby. Wish he could be level-headed more often.



Sen. Saxby Chambliss
Sen. Johnny Isakson

June 25, 2010

How could you not pass this bill?

There are at least thousands suffering due to job loss and now loss of UI benefits. From my perspective~ I am a single(divorced, married for 20 years) mother who has no avenue in which to pay my bills including keep my tiny little home unless these benefits are extended. Also, I just applied for a loan modification. I understand that there are those that are not doing there due diligence but there are those of us that really need this temporary compensation and work harder then ever looking for employment! The work market has just started to move and is now opening up. Please reconsider this bill or offer me a job. I have always been one of the greatest assets to any company I have worked for. Please, my and my child’s continuance DEPEND ON THIS!

I have raised one son that served in our military for 8 years and is now in law enforcement! I have and am doing my part to raise contributing citizens to society. How about making BP pay those of us on UI to help clean up the mess in the gulf? A win, win? What do you propose I do with all of my accounts and bills I owe, I now cannot pay? How do you propose I live, eat, and help others? I thought the toughest thing I would ever have to do was to fight and beat cancer with a 10% chance of survival, then send my son off to war while going through a divorce, now this? I am here to say SOMETHING MUST BE DONE AND QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please help!

Pendergrass , GA

From Blog for Democracy:

Senator Chambliss included two interesting quotes in his weekly email newsletter. The first relates to HR 4213, the extension of unemployment benefits. “During a time of economic hardship, I don’t believe we should allow provisions such as the extension of emergency unemployment benefits to expire.” The second relates to the financial regulatory bill. “While the issues our economy has faced over the past two years have made it obvious that Congress needs to apply more regulation to large Wall Street firms..

Yet, Chambliss and Isakson have voted multiple times against extending unemployment benefits, most recently on Wednesday.

Additionally, there are 17 Senators in states with double-digit employment that voted against extended jobless benefits. Guess who they are?

We know what the many flavored Democratic Party thinks about this ‘scum bum.’ Now, thanks to Peach Pundit, we know what ‘good’ Republicans have to say about him.

“I cannot understand why the GOPGA didn’t encourage someone — anyone — to run against him last year.”

“The man has never had an ounce of respect for the military. It showed when he decided to dodge the draft with the most catastrophic knee injury to ever strike a third-string water boy. I still can’t get over the disrespect he had for an honorable veteran like Max Cleland.” says ACConservative.

“The man is a fiscal fraud that has never met pork he didn’t like.”

Please read those comments in context at Peach Pundit.

“He is so incoherent and out of touch.”

“I have been very disappointed with him lately. This just sealed the deal for me. I will not vote for him again.”

“The Shameless Senator lives in a bubble, and is fed this crap by his staffers. He has no depth himself, and is as much an empty suit as Barrack Obama.”

New editorial that covers the lack of panic by the White House after the failed attack on Flight 253, aka the Boxer Bomber or maybe the Panty Package that didn’t bring the heat.

The Chicken Little gene apparently runs very strong in the Cheney family’s DNA. After proving his toughness to everybody in Vietnam, Dick Cheney spent much of the post-9/11 era hiding in undetermined locations and bunkers, where the sky couldn’t fall on him. Now out of office, Cheney remains concerned that so many of his fellow Americans aren’t as terrified by al Qaida as he is. Together with his daughter Liz, he is always trying to turn that terror dial all the way up to 11. The Republican establishment, sadly, seems content to follow their lead on such issues, echoing the Cheney line at every opportunity.

Daughter Liz has also joined with another prominent Chicken Little, Bill Kristol, to form a group called “Keep America Paranoid Safe.” The group recently released a new TV ad condemning the response of President Obama to the recent attempted suicide bombing of Northwest Flight 253, suggesting the president was insufficiently panicked.

In war, panic can be our worst enemy. But our heroes had calm, cool heads under pressure like a Colonel saying “Nuts’ when asked to surrender during the Battle of the Bulge.

Maybe the Cheney’s want a Nanny Society led once again by the Chicken Littles of the GOP. Or maybe we don’t remember people like Saxby Chambliss taking credit for stopping the Shoe Bomber, Reid. But maybe Bookman is right. We don’t need to panic everytime a terrorist plot fails.

We need to be calm and well measured in our reactions to threats. Let the failed leaders like Bush and Cheney handle the rush to panic. They have all the time in the world to regret not stopping 19 suicidal terrorists.

Yesterday, I asserted that no Democrat could’ve won the GA senate race this year. It’s simply not a blue state.

Moreover, the area around the lake (Hall and Forsyth Counties) are two of the most Republican counties in the entire state, and probably the nation. Below I’ve tallied the information from this election cycle (via a half-hearted and slightly confusing Photoshop effort) in races that had both a Republican and Democrat running for the same office.

No Democrat polled more than 24%, regardless of funding.

I’d put the Democratic Performance Index at around 18% for the two counties. Simply put, if any living breathing person registers as a Democrat, they start at around 18% as a baseline. Additional resources and campaigning can raise that number, but a hypothetical Democrat has to convince an additional 32% of the electorate to vote for them because of the (D) next to their name.

Meanwhile, the hypothetical Republican starts off with about 80%. They have to lose 30% of the vote in order to be in electoral trouble. It’s an unbelievable advantage.

Questions to ask include:

  • Why don’t we have more GOP primary challengers in these counties? That’s the only way to get newly elected in Hall or Forsyth County.
  • What strategies have been done on the local level to encourage this advantage? Or is it solely based upon identification with the national party, without local party encouragement?
  • How can Dems become relevant again in North Georgia?

Got answers? Leave a comment.

No surprise that Saxby wins re-election. Listening to the national media (especially Ana Marie Cox of Wonkette on MSNBC), the conventional wisdom is that Jim Martin wasn’t a strong enough candidate.

Don’t believe it. NO DEMOCRAT could’ve won a senate race in Georgia this year. NO ONE. Not even Zell.

While Martin may have lacked specific qualities that some would have liked, he’s as strong a Democratic candidate as any that ran statewide this year.

Just too soon. Perhaps in a few years, but Georgia sure wasn’t going blue this year.