The Kool Kidz™ are trying to decide if gay marriage is a red herring issue that is distracting us from real issues, or the gravest  threat to society since the dinosaurs died. Erick Erickson’s money quote:

This was a liberal judge rejecting the vote of 7 million people on nebulous constitutional grounds.

Actually, a judge isn’t required to respect the will of the people. A judge’s job is to interpret the Constitution and the law, period. Whether a law is popular or unpopular with voters is inconsequential.

On a similar note, Erickson argues that since 3/4 of the states have passed legislation against same-sex marriage, we should ban gay marriage with an amendment to the US Constitution. This would take the issue out of a judge’s hand entirely.

Summary: The Kool Kidz™ respect the federal government so much, they think it should take over the institution of marriage.


More nonsense about Carol Porter this afternoon. Her husband may have said he was pro-life? Is that enough to get him thrown under the bus?

Someone named … Mad Dog … listed some reasons that might actually get a husband thrown under a bus. MAYBE. None of those involve speaking truth on an issue. Although that might be a sin in the GOP.

PeachPundit can’t cut it when the facts come out.

A Republican blog that we’ve busted on censorship  before, cut off comments once the “Open Thread,” or discussion busted a GOP candidate and a banking official for lying about bank failures in Georgia. 

Censorship. On a so called Open Thread discussion? Cowards. No one minds the partisanship of Red and Blue when compared with the Yellow partisan.  

To continue the ‘open thread discussion,’ NO Georgia banks with seperate charters ever shared assets. It’s freaken illegal. No profitable state chartered Georgia bank has been closed by the FDIC.

Tell the truth or get out of politics.

Pete Randall has the story over at Peach Pundit about the Governor signing the Super Speeder bill.  Of course you could read about it here or here for a more balanced view.  Ever since Randall came out of the closet over at Peach Pundit he has been on a tear.  But I digress.

Yesterday, I commented on the woman who scraped together $5.00 to pay for her cigarettes (Shame on you Pres. Obama for raising this lady’s taxes), but today our own republican Governor gave us a $23 million dollar tax increase.  At least that is what he hopes.  Now before you start screaming this is a fine or a fee to get people to slow down, please explain to me how it is different than a fee, fine, or tax on cigarettes to get people to stop smoking. 

Now, when this came up in the legislative session I wasn’t opposed to it.  Hell, I’m supposed to be a tax and spend democrat, and besides I have reached the point where I am worried that I don’t go fast enough on the expressway.  What I wanted to see is this legislation attached to a constitutional amendment directing its revenues to a Trauma Care Network.  The Governor has promise that is where the money will go, but his promise and $5.00 will get you a combo meal at McDonald’s. 

The second problem I have is that this fee or fine or tax is barely constitutional.  In my opinion it is a separation of powers violation and ranks right up there with mandatory minimums.  Where does the legislature and the Governor get off telling judges how to sentence violators? 

Well, it is a new day in Georgia…one where Republicans increase taxes and spend money like drunken sailors.  Wait, it is not all that new is it?

First, Rush Limbaugh said the phrase, and it touched off a media firestorm.

Then, Erick Erickson (a member of Macon’s government, proprietor of Peach Pundit, and a person I generally respect) said it: I Hope He Fails.

Now, another commentator at PP says the same thing. Using the same words. I Hope He Fails. Plus he throws in a Go Screw Yourself/You’re a Bigot to the state minority leader.

Do what you will with the words, gentlemen. They have power, as both of these people well know.

I am curious why these words, hateful and vindictive, cause such a minimal response in comparison to the Dixie Chick’s fiasco a few years ago. Remember those words that Natalie used in reference to President George W. Bush? The phrase that destroyed the Dixie Chick’s career, immediately kicked them off the radio, and morphed them from a country music trio to an American pariah still hated by the conservative class?

Natalie was “ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

Which is worse?


A writer on Peach Pundit announces that he can no longer support W. This life-long Republican will defend the President’s actions NO MORE.

Mr. President, it is time for you to go. It has been a long time since you have made any attempt to govern according to the conservative principals you represent. The damage you have done to the conservative movement is severe, deep, and possibly permanent. …You are clearly biding time, and the country needs direction and leadership. You appear both unable and unwilling to provide that.

I am ready for our new President. And I will support him until he does something worthy of losing that support… it will be much easier to be an optimist when I can quit trying to defend or explain away the actions of George W. Bush.

So this local pundit comes clean regarding the Bush presidency. We can admire his intellectual honesty.

It’s tough to eat crow.

However, his disagreement comes with 5 weeks left in the Bush administration.

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Peach Pundit scribes are furiously debating the Gwinnett Recycling policy.

  • One guy likens it to communism. The connection between recycling & communism is never really explained. Can’t wait to read that train-wreck of an analogy.
  • A few folks are arguing that the landfill is owned by the people, not the government, so the people shouldn’t be fined or regulated for their trash collection methods. Again, a screwy analogy. Using that logic, the Armed Forces are owned by the people and should never be used in an unpopular war (see: Iraq).
  • Another dude compares it to forced abortion of black teenage unwed mothers (?!?)
  • Another actually proposes a better solution (SHOCKING!). Charge one price for regular garbage per bag, and another lower price for sorted recyclables.
  • Another possible solution? Charging a lower price per pound of sorted recyclables, and a higher price for non-sorted.
  • One guy wants to scrap speed limits, and make the penalty for causing an accident/maiming/killing someone much higher. Again, how this gets in a recycling thread is unclear.
  • One guy blames liberals. Another blames Republicans. Another claims that the Gwinnett County Commissioners are Republican, but aren’t really.

Amazing what the blogosphere can do- it meshes wildly off topic rants, ad hominem attacks, and well-conceived solutions all in one handy-dandy easy to consume web-page.