No. Tom Oliver did not resign last night. Last night the Commission met and thanks to the leadership of Ashley Bell, we will have a criminal investigation. We will also have an audit of all the Commissioners.

Thanks Men. This isn’t the first scandal to hit Tom Oliver. Oliver isn’t the only ones being investigated. It seems Gailey and Powell’s behavior are being questioned on RFO# 30-0081. Whatever that has to do with the board. The Board needs that ethics code that Bell has proposed. But until our county kicks Oliver out, we can make do with a criminal investigation, arrest, and conviction.

Bell seemed well composed and Oliver looked like a man pleading the Fifth before Congress. Congress has seen that enough times!

The Times didn’t cover too much of the scandal. The Times has already done the hard work in exposing this corruption. Corruption isn’t the right word. Theft will be the right word soon. But Bell is right. Until Oliver has his day in court, we shouldn’t convict him on the street.

Let’s just curse him and blog-slap him like a cheap B______.

And check out this Letter to the Editor at the Times.