A Congressman from Indiana will resign today. In a public statement, Souder says he had an affair and “sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff.”

A “mutual relationship?” MUTUAL? Is that a backhanded way of saying, “I screwed her and she liked it?” Mutual…

Doesn’t the man mean “sexual relationship” with a paid staffer? If not, then what the Heck E. Darn is a “mutual relationship” and why must one call it a sin Against God?

Thou shalt not get caught having a mutual relationship while a member of the family values party.

Souder is a strong social conservative who has said in the past that his views are driven by religion — a “holistic” exercise in letting his beliefs guide him on all issues. 

Holistic mutual relationship? And Souder thinks the poisonous environment [of politics] can twist personal defects for political gain?

Naw … Poltical power enables the corrupt to twist and poison many innocent lives. All while using under cover names like conservative, Republican, patriotism, religion, family values,  evangelical Christian …

Meanwhile, Souder is going to “renew his walk with the Lord.”

Is that going to be a “mutual relationship” or will Souder invent a new phrase like …. a “Richardson?”

A Richardson would be common knowledge and therefore not a sin.


Speaker of the Georgia House, ops … EX-Speaker of the Georgia House, Glenn Richardson got caught with his pants down while in office. Or near his office. Or in the office of a lobbyist. His sexual indiscretion became common knowledge for every elected Republican and every Democrat. A Democrat filed a complain with the ethic watchdogs. The watch dogs refused to watch until Richardson’s wife went on TV and exposed her “ex-husband” as a male slut.

Now another male slut is taking Richardson’s place in the Georgia House of Representatives. Daniel Stout, a sexual pervert without peer, is now one of Paulding County’s GOP state representatives. Stout slept with his mother-in-law. Well, we all know they didn’t sleep a wink. Like Richardson, Stout’s wife felt the perversion a form of marital violation, if not a personal violaltion, and dumped the male slut.

Now we’ll have another new perversion in the bars around the Gold Dome and wherever Republicans gather.

“Give me a Stout!”

Keep yourself updated on how the GOP views this all in the family tragedy at Peach Pundit.

Every one had hoped for huge changes in the Georgia State Legislature this year. Speaker Glenn Richardson was found with his pants on the ground one time too many. We may never know what is meant by ‘pants on the ground’ but it seems to have something to do with showing your ass in public. Former Speaker Richardson showed his ass many, many times. But with a GOP dominated Ethics Commission, the average voter and honest legislators were trampled by a herd of bare asses.

Now the GOP is at it again. (more…)

Anyone recently get pulled over by the police in Hall County, maybe for a DUI?

Let’s hope not. But if you did, were you given the same treatment as GOP legislators? Or Sonny Perdue’s 2006 Campaign manager, Nick Ayers?

If you were Nick Ayers or any of the alcoholic adulterers in the GOP, you would not have lost your job, your driver’s license, or the respect of your peers.

Think about it as Perdue gives his “State of the State’ speech in two days. See if he mentions the state of justice and equality before the Law. And remember Glenn Richardson, Nick Ayers, and our alcoholic leaders of morality and conservatism.

News flash at the Gainesville Times online edition. Our 9th District Congressman is unhappy with government. Poor man. He is the government! Or that’s what we should expect from a Congressman.

But to give the great man his due, he’s unhappy with being shut out of government by the Democrats in Congress. Seems the GOP minority isn’t ‘calling the shots’ behind closed doors anymore.

The very small irony in Congressman Deal’s moving and emotional statements? He made them at a closed to the public event held today at the Hall County Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you, Nathan Deal. You’ve made it very clear that GOP government will always be done behind closed doors. Just like the GOP handling of the Richardson Affair in Atlanta and the Cheney secret meetings with Enron type CEOs to make energy policy.

So don’t expect the voters to have empathy, Mr. Deal. With your closed door meetings, Tom Oliver’s decision to make a State of Hall County Address for $15 per head and by reservation only, and Sonny Perdue’s efforts to hand pick an ‘appointee’ to Speaker of the House and Secretary of State, who do you expect to feel sorry for you? The voter’s put the GOP out of power.

As for me? You can kiss my grits. So can anyone that enables your closed door government.

Effective November 30th, 2009 the GOP Party and Sonny Perdue officially turned the state government over to internet bloggers.

A Perdue spokes person, speaking from the DUI holding tank in Fulton County, explained the move as outsourcing. This outsourcing will save no money for the taxpayers as the Legislature and State officers will continue to draw a salary. However, given the rapid response of the internet during times of crisis, GOP bloggers will discuss rumors and find solutions before the rumors are confirmed.

The spokes person denied any connection with the Republican melt down over Glenn Richardson. However, bloggers are already supporting this rumor. Solutions will be presented at http://www.peachpundit.com within 30 minutes.

Glenn Richardson will no longer be Speaker of the House as of January 1, 2010. Until then, taxpayers will pay for his Healthcare, expenses, and salary.

Who the Hell worked out that deal?

The salary is over $100,000 per year, dammit. Who knows the healthcare costs, what goes into his retirement or what he can spend as expenses.

The GOP let this crap go on for over two years. That’s a couple hundred thousand dollars to a criminal. They GOP did too little, too late.

Thurman Baker needs to convict this man just to take away the accumulated benefits of his last two years as a criminal.