Click for background on the Embryo Bill:

Looks like it’ll pass, and my concern for the bill is what makes Rep. Mills love it so. The Gainesville Times quotes Mills as saying;

“We will be the first state in the U.S. to offer this option,” Mills said. “The significant thing is the implied statement that an embryo is a child. We only adopt children.”


Rep. Rogers (R-Gainesville) blasts the legislature in general, and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in particular, regarding a killed bill this session. When a Representative starts using words like “whore” on the floor (it rhymes!), it tends to get some attention.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mills (R-Chestnut Mountain) gets a dubious honor in the Golden Sleaze Awards from Creative Loafing- the I Love Embryos More Than I Love Mexicans award.

On the heels of a no-good very-bad day, Rep. Mills comes back with a vengeance!

BAM! And let there be driving tests only in English!

The bill hasn’t passed yet, but it probably will. It’s unclear if this is constitutional or not.

Georgia would be the only state with this provision, and it seems close to establishing an official language- which is tricky ground.

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with a Georgia Constitutional Law Professor at one of our premier state universities. It appears that the legislation is not discriminatory per se, as a language is malleable while a skin color or gender is not.

What it will do is invite constitutional challenges that our state may not be able to handle. Since this is the first such law in our nation, surely someone will throw this into court. If one can prove that the law is for “immoral purposes” than it probably won’t withstand judicial scrutiny. Being on questionable legal ground still means it has a chance though.

“It’s a solution looking for a problem,” the Professor said, and I fully agree. There’s no proof that a Spanish speaking driver is any less safe than an English speaking one.

And as for the public safety angle- that’s dubious as well. Many Americans drive on the Autobahn in Germany or a freeway in Italy on European vacations, and it doesn’t appear to cause any problems. That’s why signs are mostly idiographs, as opposed to words-only.

This is an interesting debate. Expect to see this hit the national news pronto when it finally passes.

One cannot cut education funding during a financial boom, also cut education funding during a financial crisis, and then claim to be Pro-Education.

For example, the QBE formula? Nearly everyone hates it, from both sides of the aisle. Check out this from the Gainesville Times:

Schools have rarely received all the funding recommended by the formula because the state isn’t legally obligated to match the calculation. Although the state typically increases education funding each year — with $6.2 billion budgeted for this year — schools have received more than $1 billion less than what the formula called for in the past six years, according to state documents.

Even when the state’s economy was healthy, schools received between $100 million and $300 million less than they needed each year.

So when the Governor himself convenes a 3-year task force to update the QBE formula, and it languishes for over a year without meeting, you can bet it’s not a high priority.

Oh, and one thing about updating the QBE formula…

But education advocates say a new formula would produce funding recommendations even higher than what the current calculation generates, which is why budget officials have stopped the task force’s work.

Executive Summary: The state thinks that education is too costly, so they don’t fully fund it- whether the state is broke or swimming in cash is irrelevant. The outdated QBE formula sucks, so our leaders want to update it… unless it looks like they’ll have to spend more cash, in which case they never convene the task force.

Funds that pay for free tours to Georgia’s schoolchildren at the Gold Dome are cut from the budget, and most state employees are taking unpaid furlough days.

Our state politicians though? Still getting paid that sweet, sweet money. No cuts for elected leaders.

From Access North GA:

The Georgia House has voted to reconsider a resolution that would have honored President Barack Obama.

…House Democrats refuse to budge on the wording of the resolution, which honors Obama as a politician with an “unimpeachable reputation for integrity, vision and passion” and makes him an honorary member of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.

Thursday’s vote to reject the resolution infuriated House Democrats, who say they were shocked by the decision to snub the president.

A lot has been said on this matter, with some of the best opinion from Erick at Peach Pundit and Grift Drift.

There’s a difference between disputing/repaying your taxes and avoiding your tax responsibility altogether. Legislators are just regular folks, and it’s reasonable to assume that some of them have set up repayment plans, or gotten audited, or had a lengthy dispute with the IRS- just like ordinary citizens.

Since we don’t know who the legislators are, we don’t have many details on what the circumstances might be. But I’d advocate giving them a fair hearing in the court of public opinion before I started throwing words like “deadbeat” and “tax cheat” around.