Why can’t Georgia Senator ‘Johnny’ Isakson make a decision on Kagan after meeting privately with the Supreme Court nominee?

Same reason the GOP caucus in Altanta votes in a solid block. The GOP with its loyalty oaths and internal blackmail doesn’t allow voting the issue or any independent voting.

Democrats? They can’t agree on a meeting time to discuss a conspiracy.

It’s just too much to expect the GOP at the state or federal level to represent their district and the people in it while also making loyalty oaths and party line votes.

Vote the fools, the tools, and the incumbents out of office. That ought to put them back in touch with issues like unemployment benefits, food stamps, and job security for hard working teachers.


Yeah, he did. He just forgot to report some money. Just pocket change. Just $400. $400 thousand dollars. Or maybe just $280,000. Who knows and who could find out?

The Associated Press has picked up the story and smeared Johnson. The Johnson smear job, so it goes on the street, was funded for the Handel Campaign by a GOP leader, Sonny Perdue.

That goes along with the rumor that Perdue black mailed Cagle to drop out of the Governors race. The ‘mutual’ or ‘inappropriate physical relationships’ of the Lt. Gov. allegedly the secret behind the black mail. Perdue allegedly hand picked Handel to replace him.

Don’t think human ambition stoops that low in Georgia? Look at the huge number of GOP candidates who quit elected office early to run for higher office, including Flowery Branch’s Craig Lutz, 9th District Congressman Deal, and Lee Hawkins.

We could say that in the GOP when any opportunity knocks, rush to the door!

More nonsense about Carol Porter this afternoon. Her husband may have said he was pro-life? Is that enough to get him thrown under the bus?

Someone named … Mad Dog … listed some reasons that might actually get a husband thrown under a bus. MAYBE. None of those involve speaking truth on an issue. Although that might be a sin in the GOP.

Yes, some elected officials don’t know the price of milk. Others can’t list the 10 Commandments but sponsor posting the Biblical Top Ten in every court-house. And then we have the “I don’t have nothing to wear to your swearing in ceremony” category of stupid.

Our recent State Senate election produced a clear winner instead of a run off. We might argue that Butch Miller wasn’t the best candidate but we can all agree he was in the top two. Of the Republicans he was the best.

So when he had a formal swearing-in ceremony, who disrespected him and the office that he now holds?

A Republican with 18 years in the State House. What did our GOP friend do? Did he scream “You lie!” while Butch had one hand on the Bible?

Nope. Our GOP friend was making a fashion statement in flip-flops and a T-shirt. Some people are just out of touch with the people and with good taste.    Let’s hope that his fashion sense was the only stinkie thing he presented to Butch Miller et al.  

Someone should have blocked the door. No shirt collar, no open toe sandals, no service.

In Hall County, most homeowners saw a tax increase of $200 to $300 when the GOP cut out the homestead credit. Nearly all state fees were increased 200%. Education took many more hits and Jones School had to be closed. Teachers and all government employees took cuts in pay disguised as a few extra days off.

Yet, Perdue found a way to cut property taxes and income taxes for people making more than $100,000 with no kids.

Nice. In this economy, being retired with a ‘fixed income’ over $100,000 and no taxes is an opulence the working class shouldn’t have to support.

Thank the Hall County Legislative Delegation for putting a larger burden on your backs.

OPS! I forgot. If you can make enough money to send your kids to private colleges, Perdue just increased your share of HOPE scholarship funds. And grants to private colleges. While cutting HOPE funds for future teachers.

With Gov. Sonny Perdue’s backing, lawmakers nixed funding for the Promise teacher scholarship and HOPE teacher scholarship programs, first started by then-Gov. Zell Miller in the 1990s. Thousands of students and teachers have benefitted from the scholarships, but many of them had no idea the state was even considering killing the program.

So much for teaching math and science in public schools. Or attracting and training better teachers.

Had enough?

The question is being asked by a Republican website this morning.

On May 15, on Jekyll Island a runner, known only as Lowell Cagle, 44 from Gainesville, Georgia finished  near the top 100 in a race called the Turtle Crawl Sprint.

Lowell was 75th in the bike portion of the race, and 94th in the run. He swam like a rock finishing 108th.

So the questions are pretty simple. If it was the Lt. Gov., why the assumed name? If his ‘baby name of Casey’ is good enough for politics, was Lowell ashamed of it on Jekyll Island when competing with the Big Boys?

PeachPundit commentors question why did Cagle drop out of the Governors Race with a bad back? If at this point, Lowell Cagle is well enough to have trained for a mini-IronMan type of event, then Lowell Cagle is well enough to ‘Handel” political competition. 

It does seem odd that the lengthy political race, just now heating up, couldn’t be finished after the ‘back surgery.’

Is there something to the “mutual relationship” stories or did the Ethics Complaint made last year hit the mark?

Then comes this news out of Texas, the ‘country’ that only pretends to be the largest State in the Union.

It seems the Texas Governors Mansion got torched by a very good arsonist. Very good because they were never caught. It would be understandable if a 3 bedroom double wide were torched and no one was ever caught. But the spheres it must take to burn the Governor’s house?

So it will be 2 more years to repair the palace. Mean while, the King of Texas is making do with a … $1.8 million dollars rental. And, it seems Texans are happy to pay the $10,000 a month rent. Rent with expenses. About $850,000 in expenses paid by the GOP supporters in two years.

It’s hard to do the math on this one. The five employees, including a full time AND a part time chef, cost about $200,000 a year. The rent and expenses are over $600,000 so far. Lawn maintenance a cool $44,000. The heated pool a warm $8,400 in maintenance. And $18,000 for ‘consumables.’

Somebody count the china before he checks out of the 6000 square foot rental and back into the cramped 2700 square feet of living space in the … mansion.