Yeah, he did. He just forgot to report some money. Just pocket change. Just $400. $400 thousand dollars. Or maybe just $280,000. Who knows and who could find out?

The Associated Press has picked up the story and smeared Johnson. The Johnson smear job, so it goes on the street, was funded for the Handel Campaign by a GOP leader, Sonny Perdue.

That goes along with the rumor that Perdue black mailed Cagle to drop out of the Governors race. The ‘mutual’ or ‘inappropriate physical relationships’ of the Lt. Gov. allegedly the secret behind the black mail. Perdue allegedly hand picked Handel to replace him.

Don’t think human ambition stoops that low in Georgia? Look at the huge number of GOP candidates who quit elected office early to run for higher office, including Flowery Branch’s Craig Lutz, 9th District Congressman Deal, and Lee Hawkins.

We could say that in the GOP when any opportunity knocks, rush to the door!


Yes, some elected officials don’t know the price of milk. Others can’t list the 10 Commandments but sponsor posting the Biblical Top Ten in every court-house. And then we have the “I don’t have nothing to wear to your swearing in ceremony” category of stupid.

Our recent State Senate election produced a clear winner instead of a run off. We might argue that Butch Miller wasn’t the best candidate but we can all agree he was in the top two. Of the Republicans he was the best.

So when he had a formal swearing-in ceremony, who disrespected him and the office that he now holds?

A Republican with 18 years in the State House. What did our GOP friend do? Did he scream “You lie!” while Butch had one hand on the Bible?

Nope. Our GOP friend was making a fashion statement in flip-flops and a T-shirt. Some people are just out of touch with the people and with good taste.    Let’s hope that his fashion sense was the only stinkie thing he presented to Butch Miller et al.  

Someone should have blocked the door. No shirt collar, no open toe sandals, no service.

The question is being asked by a Republican website this morning.

On May 15, on Jekyll Island a runner, known only as Lowell Cagle, 44 from Gainesville, Georgia finished  near the top 100 in a race called the Turtle Crawl Sprint.

Lowell was 75th in the bike portion of the race, and 94th in the run. He swam like a rock finishing 108th.

So the questions are pretty simple. If it was the Lt. Gov., why the assumed name? If his ‘baby name of Casey’ is good enough for politics, was Lowell ashamed of it on Jekyll Island when competing with the Big Boys?

PeachPundit commentors question why did Cagle drop out of the Governors Race with a bad back? If at this point, Lowell Cagle is well enough to have trained for a mini-IronMan type of event, then Lowell Cagle is well enough to ‘Handel” political competition. 

It does seem odd that the lengthy political race, just now heating up, couldn’t be finished after the ‘back surgery.’

Is there something to the “mutual relationship” stories or did the Ethics Complaint made last year hit the mark?

The Republicans are eating their own again. Nothing really new. However, it is fun to watch. (Nathan Deal gets backhanded credit for the attacks on Karen Handel. Perdue gets off the hook for now.)

The PeachPundit starts out in this post by covering the lastest Perdue scandal. Until the Karen Handel discussion starts getting heated.

Handel has padded her resume’ just like local Hero Casey Cagle. Handels resume’ is pretty decent without all the lemon oil polish. Cagle just claims a couple college degrees and a fake business or two.

Here’s the Handel remark that caught my eye. (more…)

The Republican Party has been doing a great service to the Democratic Party during the past few years.

Dick Cheney shot a lawyer in a hunting while under the influence crime.

Ex-Speaker Richardson had sex while being lobbied, a mis’d the wedding vow crime.

Then, the GOP helped cover up the marital perversions until the ex-wife went public and verified that the Religious Right does do the missionary position when away from home.

Now the GOP wants to impeach Thurbert Baker, our Attorney General. Well done, Men.

The Attorney General was asked for a legal opinion, specifically, does the State of Georgia have a legal right to sue the federal government for reforming healthcare.

After a review of law it seems that not only does Georgia not have the money for a fight to the Supreme Court, Georgia doesn’t have a legal basis for winning such a fight.

Several states are going to fight through the Courts to stop federal reforms. The fight isn’t much more than a political smoke screen during an election year.

With our state facing a $750 million dollar deficit, taxing the sick, and cutting education, we have no money to provide political welfare for Republican incumbents. And we don’t have a legal basis for any court action. And, we can let the other idiot states fight progress for free.

If the incumbents want to make some political statements about healthcare reform, let them get some money from insurance companies, lawyers, and private investigators.

Politicians who want to represent a very narrow faction should get their campaign money from those special interests.

That might not be the ‘American Way’ but it used to be the political way.

Let’s hope more government employees just say no when incumbent politicians ask to use tax dollars for special interst campaigns.

To paraphrase an old adtage, there’s only two kinds of politicians. Corrupt politicians and the ones under indictment.

Nathan Deal is a corrupt politician who should be indicted and convicted. Six counts of ethics violations and he blames the Democrats for a witch hunt! (Story in the AJC.)

The six counts came from an investigation by 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats. Maybe someone was hunting witches but they found a vampire sucking taxpayers dry.

Even the Gainesville Times  found the story worth publishing. But, you’ve got to love Cagle. Cagle is deeply involved in the scandal and refused to cooperate.

“We have voluntarily taken an active role in an investigation that we are not even the subject of and furthermore conducted by an organization that exercises no jurisdiction over state constitutional officers,” Cagle said in a statement. “Simply put, we’ve given them everything we have to give them.”

Nice double speak. Nixonisms. I am not a crook. I’m protected by the Constitution. Those tapes are exempt from investigation. I’ve given you everything you’re going to get from me.

Good to know the Constitutional Crisis called Watergate improved the quality of our public servants… 

Remember the Ethics Complain filed against Cagle last year, just before he dropped out of the Governor’s Race? Cagle was a ‘business consultant’ and President of Strateia Group of Atlanta. But, Cagle has never reported his business consulting to the public, not even on his resume’. Why? Except to hide something? You can read up on Cagle and his padded resume’s here.

Bart Graham refused to cooperate unless he was subpoenaed. He’s the one with the audio tapes of the meeting with Cagle, Deal, and Deal’s Congressional Staff. He’s also subject to being fired by State officials. Would you cooperate without a subpoena if your job was on the line in this economy?

Deal, a corrupt politician. K. C. Cagle, a liar and a corrupt politician. And let’s not forget the Chair of the Hall County Commission, Tom Oliver. Corrupt. And just like Nixon, putting up a stonewall.

Will Hall County voters wake up to the only kind of politician left in office? The corrupt ones.

Here’s a sample of blog entries by Right Wing blogs that love Nathan Deal and that love K.C. Cagle.

Cagle, Mills, and Rogers never heard a rumor that Glenn Richardson was unethical?

When Richardson was challenged for power, did they ask why?

When an ethics complaint was filed against Richardson, did they ask why?

When Richardson got his divorce and the rumors crashed like a tsunami about an long term affair with a paid lobbyist, did they ask why?

They all say no. Or refused to answer questions. Link

Mills said the personal life was more important than the consequences of the Speakers abuses. “‘It was the best thing for him to do to get his life back together.'” So Representative Mills thought the resignation was from a health issue.

“It’s a situation that, you know, some marriages unfortunately end up in,’” Rogers said. Oh so Rogers blames the ex-wife? To him this is a ‘he said she said’ situation between a wife and a husband? “Maybe we can move on and none of that will resurface again,’ Rogers said.”

What won’t resurface, Representative Carl Rogers? Evidence that your beloved Glenn Richardson engaged in terrorist threats against his ex-wife? Sold his votes for sex? Tried to make a media event out of his self induced depression?

No one thinks Richardson slipped just once while in power. Unethical behavior is a personality trait. A trait Richardson has demonstrated for years.

So now Mills, Rogers, and Cagle live in denial. Or did they see no evil, hear no evil, and choose not to ask about evil in the GOP?