Yes, some elected officials don’t know the price of milk. Others can’t list the 10 Commandments but sponsor posting the Biblical Top Ten in every court-house. And then we have the “I don’t have nothing to wear to your swearing in ceremony” category of stupid.

Our recent State Senate election produced a clear winner instead of a run off. We might argue that Butch Miller wasn’t the best candidate but we can all agree he was in the top two. Of the Republicans he was the best.

So when he had a formal swearing-in ceremony, who disrespected him and the office that he now holds?

A Republican with 18 years in the State House. What did our GOP friend do? Did he scream “You lie!” while Butch had one hand on the Bible?

Nope. Our GOP friend was making a fashion statement in flip-flops and a T-shirt. Some people are just out of touch with the people and with good taste.    Let’s hope that his fashion sense was the only stinkie thing he presented to Butch Miller et al.  

Someone should have blocked the door. No shirt collar, no open toe sandals, no service.


Glenn Beck needs your support, now more than ever. Make your checks payable to GoldLine International, Beck’s favorite charity? Gold fell steadily in price from 1980 to 1999. Now gold is in an up cycle. In this cycle Beck ‘reports’ on ‘golden issues’ just before the GoldLine International commercials.

It was called Payola, a crime at one time.

Payola has come to mean the payment of a bribe in commerce and in law to say or do a certain thing against the rules of law, but more specifically a commercial bribe. The FCC defines “Payola” as a violation of the sponsorship identification rule that recently resulted in tens of millions of dollars in fines to cable corporations in New York.

The radio era of ‘payola’ coincided with Elvis Presley and Rock n Roll music. Payola was a bride to get favorable treatment.

Rand Paul, Tea Party candidate wants your help as well. Please send your checks to the NAACP. Paul is very concerned about racial discrimination in government. But not in private industries like restaurants. As heard on Fox News in defense of Rand Paul, “If a private business wants to say ‘we don’t want any blonde women or mustached guys,’ it ought to be their right.”

Maybe Fox News wants your help. Is being blonde and female racial? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 doesn’t take any rights away from blonde-aphobics. The Act does forbid a sign at the front door of a restaraunt banning tan skin in any shade.

“Whites Only” is the issue for Fox News and Rand Paul. We have the right to refuse service to those without shoes or shirts. No one ever had a ‘Right’ to be a racist. Never.

Rand Paul is not a racist. He just thinks racists have had their rights trampled by the Federal government. Hmmmmm.

No rational person would believe that, stressing rational. After all, there were no burkas in the official lingerie photo shoot. So how do we get away with the headline besides the usual cover stories?

Nope. The Donald didn’t switch parties or part his hair on the left side. It’s a blogger making the accusations.

Yup, if you wanna believe it, a family of Muslim martyrs are celebrating in a mythical terrorism Heaven.

Yup, yup, yup. If Obama can be related to Osama then Miss America can be a Muslim martyr.

The question is being asked by a Republican website this morning.

On May 15, on Jekyll Island a runner, known only as Lowell Cagle, 44 from Gainesville, Georgia finished  near the top 100 in a race called the Turtle Crawl Sprint.

Lowell was 75th in the bike portion of the race, and 94th in the run. He swam like a rock finishing 108th.

So the questions are pretty simple. If it was the Lt. Gov., why the assumed name? If his ‘baby name of Casey’ is good enough for politics, was Lowell ashamed of it on Jekyll Island when competing with the Big Boys?

PeachPundit commentors question why did Cagle drop out of the Governors Race with a bad back? If at this point, Lowell Cagle is well enough to have trained for a mini-IronMan type of event, then Lowell Cagle is well enough to ‘Handel” political competition. 

It does seem odd that the lengthy political race, just now heating up, couldn’t be finished after the ‘back surgery.’

Is there something to the “mutual relationship” stories or did the Ethics Complaint made last year hit the mark?

Still nothing new on the right.  Just more coded words and shifting allegiances.

From an AJC blog by Jim Galloway. Galloway gets slammed as a “Liberal” all the time. So be advised of ‘possible bias’ as the reason this is being brought out. Especially the comments about the “Cause” and “he ain’t from around yere.”

U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-Roswell) this morning switched his support in the race for governor from his House colleague Nathan Deal to former secretary of state Karen Handel.

The announcement should come as no surprise. Price and Handel share a north Fulton County political base, and Deal is toting a great deal of baggage. Even so, Deal’s response was sharp:

“As a native Georgian, I was brought up to believe that a person’s word is his bond, which is why I’m grateful to the conservative Georgians who’ve remained loyal to our cause. It’s their support that has made me the only Republican with a 7-point lead over Roy Barnes.”

In other words, Price ain’t from around here. The three-term congressman is originally from Michigan, and so can’t be trusted anyway.

You have to admit that “as a native Georgian” and “loyal to our cause” make for an interesting pairing of phraseology, with plenty of history behind it.

Ever hear the one about America is losing its wealthy? It’s not a joke as it’s become a theme of some writers in Fortune Magazine. There’s even an acronym, HENRYs. High Earners Not Rich Yet.

Wanna be a HENRY? You’ll have to earn at least $250,000 per year but not more than $500,000.

And, you’ll have to save at least a cool $1 to $2 million dollars by retirement.

And those are the Not Rich … Yets. The basic take on the HENRY’s? They are over taxed and over stressed by the ‘recession’ and facing hardships in retirement.

With 10% unemployment a fixed feature in Hall County and Georgia, do we see HENRYs at the Labor Department “Career Centers?”

Not very likely. HENRYs are usually doctors and partnership level lawyers, according to the writers. Can that be since most doctors have employment contracts? Well, these folks are also in other professions like real estate brokers, accountants, and maybe authors for Fortune Magazine or members of Congress …

Like the author said, these people were never going to get rich.

“What looked like a far from luxurious retirement — even in the good times, they could forget about getting rich — is now looking even more modest.”

If doctors, lawyers, accountants can forget about ever being rich, what does the author really think about teachers, bank tellers, and fire fighters? That author never says.

I guess those groups of people can forget about getting rich or having fianancial magazines document their hardships.

[Hall County Census Quickfacts]

From the Gainesville Times,

A Democrat is entering the race to represent South Hall County in the state House of Representatives, but none have yet committed to the county’s other local races.

Flowery Branch resident Mike Parker, 54, qualified Wednesday at the Capitol to run for the state House District 25 seat.

The seat has been held by state Rep. James Mills since 1993. Mills, a Republican, has qualified to run for re-election.

As of yet, Mills has no Republican opposition.

Qualifying for the July 20 party primary for local and statewide races continues until noon Friday.

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