History. We forget it faster than it happens.

Not long ago, a plea for justice included some type of animal sacrifice. We can bet a larger sacrifice came with a bigger expectation of … justice. Now the price  only includes state and local court fees. No more animal sacrifices. Just some human blood, maybe an arm or a leg.

If you like paying for access to justice, thank the Republican Party for jacking up fees that get nothing more than an opportunity for a hearing.

So, if you want to be heard, save your pennies.


The General Assembly had already increased property taxes on every homeowner, including the elderly, when they cut the homestead exemption grant from the budget in 2009.

Didn’t you see your property tax bill jump?

The General Assembly created a new tax on the sick and the elderly, the hospital bed tax.

Who will pay that if not the sick and the elderly? Either directly or indirectly through increased health insurance premiums.

Are you ready to pay your share?

The General Assembly also has created 12 new tax districts. These districts can vote on increasing their own sales tax rates. An odd way to raise state for road builing. The elderly and every one else will pay the new sales taxes. So every purchase of socks, shoes, and shirts will help build bridges and road. Smooth ones at that.

The General Assembly is going to let your car tags go up $10 bucks. The money might go to Grady Hospital or a trauma center hospital. It won’t go towards routine medical care of grandma and grandpa. They get the tax but the benefit goes to hospitals.

The General Assembly is overhauling your property taxes. Cutting your savings from the homestead exemption wasn’t enough. Plus each county just got an unfunded mandate to do annual property tax assessments. Who will pay for the unfunded mandate and all the costs of annual assessments, including mailing? You and Grandma.

And the most cowardly increase in taxes? At the very last-minute, in the dark of night, as an amendment to an unrelated bill, a tax credit for the poor and elderly was cut. The tax credit had been in place since 1988. So the elderly poor, who pay property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, hospital bed taxes, gasoline taxes, 911 fees, and all the other taxes hidden as fees on phone bills and utility bills, got bad news. That $20 a year tax credit, a credit used to offset all the hidden taxes, is gone. Done

Christmas came early for the State of Georgia.

Please send your thank you notes in November to incumbents.

A very interesting way to look at how we went in debt. Now how do we stop going further in debt? Anyone want to express an opinion on the GOP’s track record? Or guess what McCain would have done? Or how about a suppy sider tracking tax cuts and debt growth for us?

U.S. president Party Term years Start debt/GDP End debt/GDP Increase debt ($T) Increase debt/GDP
(in percentage points)
Roosevelt/Truman D 1945-1949 117.5% 93.1% 0.05 -24.4%
Truman Harry Truman D 1949-1953 93.1% 71.4% 0.01 -21.5%
Eisenhower1 Dwight Eisenhower R 1953-1957 71.4% 60.4% 0.01 -11.0%
Eisenhower2 Dwight Eisenhower R 1957-1961 60.4% 55.2% 0.02 -5.2%
Kennedy/Johnson D 1961-1965 55.2% 46.9% 0.03 -8.3%
Johnson Lyndon Johnson D 1965-1969 46.9% 38.6% 0.05 -8.3%
Nixon1 Richard Nixon R 1969-1973 38.6% 35.6% 0.07 -3.0%
Nixon2 Nixon/Ford R 1973-1977 35.6% 35.8% 0.19 +0.2%
Carter Jimmy Carter D 1977-1981 35.8% 32.5% 0.28 -3.3%
Reagan1 Ronald Reagan R 1981-1985 32.5% 43.8% 0.66 +10.8%
Reagan2 Ronald Reagan R 1985-1989 43.8% 53.1% 1.04 +9.3%
Bush GHW George H. W. Bush R 1989-1993 51.1% 66.1% 1.40 +13.0%
Clinton1 Bill Clinton D 1993-1997 66.1% 65.4% 1.18 -0.7%
Clinton2 Bill Clinton D 1997-2001 65.4% 56.4% 0.45 -9.0%
Bush GW1 George W. Bush R 2001-2005 56.4% 63.5% 1.73 +7.1%
Bush GW2 George W. Bush R 2005-2009 63.4% 83.4% 2.63 +20.0%
Obama1 Barack Obama D 2009-2013 83.4%

For a colored graphics view … (more…)

Yeah. Get used to it, Republicans.

That stinking liberal, Obama, wants the GOP to support his balanced budget agenda. How dare he!

Cheney Republicans must be outraged. In 2004, Cheney said, “Deficits don’t matter.” Remember?

Just another example of the two-faced nature of Republican politics. When it’s your deficit, it doesn’t matter. When its the other guys deficit, it’s his problem.

Who would want to be in charge of government with those rules?

Yes. With every paycheck. With a W-2 each January. With annual payment of my property taxes.

But, why do we get this type of email question each April 15th?

Because some idiot thinks the “FairTax” would give us a receipt … and with a sales tax receipt we would know exactly how much we pay in taxes. WOW!

Let’s put some numbers with that. Let’s say we bought breakfast at a fast food place, some gas at the convenience store, lunch at the corner deli, bread at the grocery store, and a bottle of wine at the package store.

How much did we pay in sales taxes for the year? Not enough information. The only way to know how much we pay in sales taxes for a year would be to save every sales receipt from the 4 or 5 purchases we make everyday and add up the total sales taxes paid.

How about we stick with a paycheck stub every week, a W-2 at the end of the year, and an annual tax form?

Or do we really want to pay sales taxes instead of income taxes? And those sales taxes will include borrowed money, not just our spent income. Are we confused yet? Currently, we’re taxed only on what we make a year. And some idiot thinks we’ll be better off paying a 22% federal sales tax on what we borrow and spend instead of what we earn. Just so we can save sales receipts all year long.

With consumer debt climbing past $2 trillion dollars, that a 2 with 12 zeros behind it, the “FairTax” will be taxing consumer debt. Tax day will be every day of the year. And you’ll  wish April the 15th was just once a year again.

If the FairTax gets to be law…

The mock horror about Nancy Pelosi’s legislative short cuts is over under the Gold Dome.

Perdue, just like Pelosi, is cutting out the Legislature on the budget and taxes. And now going one step farther by putting himself back into creation of bills.

Perdue appointed himself to a panel on taxes. Our soon to be ex-Governor will join with ex-Governor Zell Miller on the panel.

The panels would completely bypass the regular legislative process. The outside panel would make a recommendation to a special committee of legislators who would then draw up a bill and move it straight to the floor – taking the unusual step of avoiding the regular legislative committee process.

Ah the transparency of Georgia’s government. Two former Governors and some yet to be appointed talking heads are going to make sweeping changes to your tax system. You didn’t vote for them. You can’t vote for them.  And you can’t vote on their changes. Democracy in action!

Before we celebrate the reinvention of government, let’s review the last brilliant ‘tax’ idea from under the Gold Dome.

Ex-Speaker Richardson wanted to do away with all property taxes. Without property taxes, our local and county governments would be completely dependent on … sales tax receipts. Imagine if that change had been forced through the Legislature in 2007 just before the biggest, deepest, and longest Recession since 1929?

We can just drive around South Hall and read all the For Rent signs. People and jobs are gone. Businesses are gone. The Legislature is tracking ‘missing’ sales tax payments by ‘businesses.’

The Gainesville Times reports that another great Republican idea has been washed away by … well, the Republicans. Flowery Branch has this great downtown revitalization ideal. Using a ‘tax allocation district,’ the city is ‘funding’ a huge ‘private industry developement called Old Town Flowery Branch. Although the Flowery Branch Mayor ‘expects’ the project to start on time, she hasn’t spoken to the developer.


Here’s a $15 million dollar project complete with an extension of Pine Street running parallel to Main Street and consisting of shops, cafes, townhomes and a parking garage on nearly three acres. And no one has been watching the project, just waiting for the ground to break open. Hmmmmm.

How much in school taxes were diverted by the Flowery Branch City Council to ‘fund’ the start up of this project? Half a million? A million?

And the town’s mayor hasn’t bothered to liaison with anyone involved with the project????????????

There’s a $15 million dollar ‘shovel ready’ private industry project that will boast the economy and it’s dying on the drawing board. All because the government was asleep at the wheel. And all the government in Hall County is Republican.

Stayed tuned as the Hall County Republicans blame Obama and the Democrats for this fiasco.

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