It’d be nice to stop posting about Nathan Deal. Truly, it would.

This area has several Democratic challengers taking on entrenched Republican incumbents. We just completed a special election in Flowery Branch. There’s an interesting race for US Congress in Gwinnett.

But none of them serve up the daily dose of intrigue that spills from the Deal campaign on a daily basis. The Deal Diarrhea of Deceit never ends, like a rough night after an evening of bad clams.

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? It’s become like Bill Murray- every day. We wake up and search for the latest Nathan Deal scandal, and then shake our heads at the improbability of it all, and then have to bang out a post about it at work unexpectedly when the boss is at lunch. At first, it was interesting. Now, it’s just unbelievable.

I tried to compile a comprehensive list of all the shady stuff, and I couldn’t remember everything.

Seriously, this campaign is the worst in Georgia’s recent history. The campaign already re-assigned one spokesman earlier this year; they oughta fire this one too. The ex-chief-of-staff/campaign manager is entwined into the Congressman’s finances like a spouse; he needs to stop sucking off the government teat, ditch the bromance and find a legit job.

The question that remains: why would Deal run for office with all of the scandals revolving around him? Hell, he had this congressional job for life if he wanted it, and NO CHALLENGER EVER DUG THIS STUFF UP. Why risk it?

Seriously, why would Deal risk it?

Finally- we’ll try to write about some other stuff. Casey Cagle has some fertile ground to explore, and we can punch on some of the other politicos in Georgia when time permits (Jason Pye? Phil Kent? I’m game).

But if Deal can’t get it together, it looks like five weeks of webpage views all revolving around the horrible GOP candidate that might assume the governor’s office in almost five weeks.