Deal restates his ethics filings (second time in a week!) and reveals:

  • The $2.5 million dollar loan for “business expansion” and “to create jobs” according to last week’s statements, were actually for loan consolidation and day-to-day operations. The loan didn’t create a single job, apparently.
  • Which contradicts last week’s statement by the Deal campaign that they created ten jobs due to the loan.
  • Last week’s statement that the 2009 loan was used to buy a second salvage yard in Metter has been discredited, as the Metter property was purchased in 2004. OOPSIE! says the Deal Campaign.

Bonus! The Gainesville Times reports that the new updated ethics filings show that Deal’s campaign manager owes $120,000 to the Congressman for purchasing 14 acres of land adjoining Deal’s property. Instead of taking out a $175K loan, the campaign manager is just paying Deal directly.

  • The new revised disclosures show that Deal has 38% more assets than a few days ago. Keep revising these statements, fellas, at this rate he’ll be Bill-Gates-rich by Election Day.