From BfD:

Today we learn that Deal’s daughter and son-in-law didn’t mention candidate-Deal in their bankruptcy filings last year, despite the fact that Deal himself described his role as a “partner” in a “family business” in his own filings.

Those IRS schedules Deal won’t share would tell voters more about his role in Wilder Outdoors. That’s important since his campaign now acknowledges that the losses he took in 2006 and 2007 were related to his investment in Wilder Outdoors. (Deal paid only $5,575 in tax on gross income of  $188K in 2006 and in 2007 paid only $2,068.00 in tax on $205K in gross income.) The schedules would also tell voters whether or not Deal accurately represented his income and assets to the banks that kept lending him money.

Every day, a new revelation. It’s a constant stream of new information and shady practices from the Nathan Deal campaign.

Public relations requires some skill, and it’s apparent that whoever is running the show at Real Deal HQ- the candidate, the campaign manager, the state GOP, probably a bit of all three- has no idea how to handle this crisis.

Simply put: Get it all out there at once in one news cycle. Lay it out on the table, man, and let’s pick through the garbage.

An unrelenting stream of new information revolving around the same issue, dribbled out over a week or longer, is more damaging than just releasing your tax returns and manning-up over the course of one press conference.