And the first calls for resignation begin:

First, the politicos should consider the message they’ll send to their party faithful announcing that they are acting in the best interests of everyone involved.

A conciliatory measure of sadness and concern has to be directed to the Deal family as they face this crucial time with a vast financial burden. While Mr. Deal won’t appreciate this overture, one day he’ll see that the group is doing the proper thing.

Second, these leaders need to formally ask Deal to set the record straight, and disclose anything, everything and anybody that could bring down the ticket. The conversation must include the uncomfortable topic of whether Deal should withdraw.

Perhaps there should be a stalwart messenger assigned to make the visit to Deal and his staff. Two statesmen come to mind: U.S. Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson would set the tone for such a significant meeting.

Finally, if it is concluded that Deal can’t complete the task, the governor and crew will be required to name a candidate to qualify and fill the gap. I suggest Karen Handel.