Newly elected state rep. Buzz Brockway on Peach Pundit:

I must say, I was disappointed that Deal made no attempt to reassure us that there is nothing else out there. It’s easier to go to bat for someone when you know no other shoes will drop. I hope there’s nothing but we just don’t know.

WIN List Chair Amy Morton on Blog For Democracy:

The real story-the one Deal seeks to distract us from- is that his fiscal track record shows a pattern of poor judgment, irresponsibility and shady dealings.

Former DPG Communications Director Martin Matheny at Beyond The Trestle:

Deal has yet to really own up to his own mistakes. Putting yourself in the corner of everyday Georgians feeling the pinch of tough financial times is easy to do, but it’s not exactly accurate. Most of the Georgians who are feeling that pinch didn’t have the resources to secure millions of dollars in debt;

Our take here at Left on Lanier:

And if you’re one of the folks who ignored every single hint that maybe this guy had some baggage, dismissed all the ethical issues and the tax secrecy, accepted his lame non-responses as fact, and voted for Deal anyway, then you’re getting exactly what you deserve.

Libertarian Jason Pye:

With financial instability to the point of possibly declaring bankruptcy, how can Deal be an effective steward of taxpayer dollars as Governor? That’s a question that we’re going to hear a lot over the next 40+ days.

Tyler at Peach Pundit:

But, given the ethics complaints against Deal, the investigation, etc. I couldn’t help but think that something was bound to come out sooner or later. Well, this massive weight of debt was EXACTLY what I was afraid of as a Republican voter in Georgia. I’m not about to paint Deal as a victim… I am now asking myself the question: “Do we want a candidate managing the finances of our state when he can’t manage his own finances?”.

Peanut Politics:

Electing Nathan Deal as governor is too risky for Georgia when we have problems with our schools, the lack of job creation, high unemployment, tax increases, water issues & more.

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