From the AJC:

In the midst of his campaign for governor, Nathan Deal faces such dire financial troubles that he must sell his home to avert foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Even if Deal liquidates all his assets, however, he still might be unable to repay a nearly $2.3 million business loan, documents reviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicate. The loan comes due in full Feb. 1 — less than one month after Deal hopes to take office.

I think a commenter on Jim Galloway’s accompanying article says it best (scroll down to Majii at 10:06am).

As a congressman Deal voted for the new bankruptcy laws a few years ago which make it more difficult for some who files for bankruptcy to write off their debts. He spent quite a bit of time over the past 2 years complaining loudly and publicly about “government bailouts” and government “takeovers,” and he voted against allowing Americans to negotiate with their banks and mortgage companies to save their homes from being foreclosed upon last year. I wonder how he feels about these issues now that his own chickens have come home to roost. I understand he was trying to help his daughter and her husband, and I don’t fault him for that because most parents would opt to help their kids. The problem I have with Deal was his lack of concern for millions of other Americans who are/were going through what he is experiencing now while he was in a position to help as a member of Congress.