The Gainesville Times details the way that our county commission will change next year:

Three votes on the five-member board is considered a majority needed to pass motions, making the addition of two commissioners in January certain to change the dynamic of the board.

Just five meetings remain before incumbent commissioners Bobby Banks and Steve Gailey leave at the end of the year…

…Commission Chairman Tom Oliver said there likely will be some disruption in the beginning for the new commission.

“There definitely will be some differences,” Oliver said. “I think interaction will change, more so to start with for the first several months than after we’ve been there and worked together. You’ll find the chemistry will tend to blend and everybody will do what they think is best for the county as a whole and for their constituents.”

As said before, we’ll have Gailey, Banks and Lee Hawkins waiting around idly on the sidelines. Perhaps Nathan Deal and/or Casey Cagle as well.

The addition of two new commissioners will cause a lot of structural change, but the fact that Hall county will have 3-5 politicians looking for a job will be a more powerful influence than the two new folks on the commission will be.

If Deal loses- a real possibility- than Hall County will have lost a good bit of influence around the state. And, the Tamanny-Hall-County GOP folks will not go quietly into that good night.

Incumbents, enjoy your election season. There’ll be hell to pay in the primary come 2012.