From the Democratic Party of Georgia:

Yesterday, Congressman Paul Broun Jr. took credit for a new million dollar welding facility for North Georgia Technical College, even after voting against all funding sources for the facility.

Photos of the event show Congressman Broun holding a shovel during the ground-breaking ceremony and speaking to a crowd of students and local dignitaries. The facility is being funded through the Appalachian Regional Commission, a federally created partnership that Congressman Broun voted against funding.

Broun also voted against HR 1105 which established another portion of the grants for the welding school. Together, over $1 million dollars in federal funds were used for the project to create jobs and educate future welders, all of which Congressman Broun voted against.

“Paul Broun Jr. is following in the footsteps of Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston,” said Matt Weyandt, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Each of them has taken credit for federal projects in Georgia, even as they voted against the projects while in Washington DC.”

Congressman Broun’s picture is below. He’s in the middle with a striped tie.