An unintentionally hilarious post from the Peach Pundit archives:

Of the many things that can be said about the Tour de Georgia this year, one thing is for certain, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle ensured an excellent start to the Tour in Savannah, GA and a great finish of the first leg at the Civic Center.

Staffed by loyal Cagle aide Elizabeth Dewberry as Executive Director, Cagle transformed what was already a great event into one that is even better and surely will become one of the crown jewel events of cycling in North America.

What gets lost in the story is that prior to Cagle and Dewberry’s involvement, the Tour cost the state $1 million to put on.  They turned that around and this year, have had an even better and more successful event so far, that has only cost the state $250K.  The return on that investment in local tourism dollars far exceeds that in Savannah alone on the first leg.

Cyclists throughout Georgia are learning that they have a very strong supporter and someone who “gets it” in Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

Hundreds turned out today in sunny Savannah to enjoy the Tour and festivities whereas when the Tour was last in Savannah a few years back, it was said that all the supporters could have fit onto a bus.

Not only did Casey and Elizabeth take on this task, they “rode” what they preached too, both competing in the Ride for Research.  Most elected officials simply sign their name onto something and just show up at the end to take the glory.  Not Casey Cagle.  He’s hands on, effective, and genuine in his approach to every project and cause that he takes on and the difference is in the results and the experience of those involved.