From the Gainesville Times:

The 43,000-member Georgia Association of Educators on Friday announced it is supporting Barnes in the November general election over Nathan Deal, a Republican and former U.S. representative from Gainesville…

While a Hall County affiliate of GAE had yet to form an official opinion of the larger group’s endorsement, Mae Martin, the local group’s political action chairwoman, wasn’t pleased. She said GAE’s support of Barnes was “not necessarily the opinion of all of its separate members.”

“I’m disappointed in my organization for making that endorsement,” Martin said…

Hall County Schools Superintendent Will Schofield said he didn’t think the endorsement “packs a punch” because GAE made the decision before Deal released a plan for the state’s education system.

“I think it’s interesting that any educators organization would take a stand on a candidate before they’ve even seen the two educational platforms,” Schofield said.

Deal’s campaign is currently hammering out the details of its platform, (Nathan Deal Spokesman) Robinson said.

There a few things fishy about this issue. Foremost- Deal doesn’t have an education platform yet? What half-assed group of people nominate a candidate that doesn’t even have a position on the major issues in the state?

Oh wait, here’s Deal’s views on education: “I’m willing to look at (vouchers) as an option.”

Additional information on Deal’s education plan includes:

  • Voted no on modernization of our failing school system.
  • Voted yes on allowing vouchers in DC schools.
  • Voted yes on vouchers for private schools.
  • Rated only a 17% on the National Education Association scorecard.

So if there’s a Hall county educator or a member of the GAE that is still voting for Deal, it’s simply partisan politics. Deal has been as anti-public education as humanly possible.

Meanwhile, Mae Martin of the local GAE says that she’s disappointed her organization endorsed Deal.

Mrs. Mae, why is that exactly? Can you articulate any possible reason that Nathan Deal is a better candidate for public education that Roy Barnes? No, you can’t – or you would’ve told the Times during your interview.

Local school leaders, led by Will Schofield, are being encouraged to support a candidate that openly holds public education in contempt. If Deal gets his way, many of these folks would be out of a job, and our public education would plummet as a result.