Come November, Hall County will be one or the other.

If Deal and Cagle are re-elected, the very corridors of power will have set up shop here in the valleys of Hall. A governor and lt. governor from the same state? Heck, practically the same neighborhood? Never happened before.

The Gainesville Times chats with some political folks who suggest that it’s not that big a deal to the voters.

The political folks are wrong.

Our state has always been a regional one, with loyalties split by mountain ranges or interstates or rivers. Our geography has more to do with political opinion that most places. South Georgia hates Atlanta, ignores North Georgia, and barely even tolerates itself.

So what happens when Chatham county starts buzzing about the two most powerful officers in the state coming from the same distant land? When that southern regional pride starts to kick in?

It’ll be an issue in the election.