Craig Lutz beat Bobby Banks for the Hall County Commission seat, after finishing a distant second place in the initial primary election.

On July 26th, we wrote:

Craig Lutz, nothing personal man, but there’s no way you can win this race.

And we were wayyyyy off.

How did this happen? Details below the fold.

a 15 point turnaround in a few weeks is often more of an indication of big mistakes by the person previously in the lead (see Handel, Karen) than the person who ultimately wins. All things being equal, Banks should have coasted to victory.

But things weren’t equal. Banks effectively quit campaigning as far as I can tell. Did he do additional mailings? Did he make additional phone calls? Did he have a list of his supporters, and contact them to remind them to vote in yesterday’s election?

I’ll bet Lutz did all of those things.

The runoff election exists for a reason, and it’s every bit as important as the primary election. You can’t prepare for one and then ignore the other. Getting into a runoff doesn’t mean the seat is yours- you have to work, everyday, to own that seat. I have no indication that Banks did anything between the primary and runoff campaign.

Commissioner Banks, if you’d like to respond, feel free to do so using the contact button on the right side of the page. Commissioner-elect Lutz, same for you sir.

Simply put, Lutz worked harder- perhaps due to fear (or anger!) that he got trounced 3 weeks ago- and he willed his way to victory.