The Kool Kidz™ are trying to decide if gay marriage is a red herring issue that is distracting us from real issues, or the gravest  threat to society since the dinosaurs died. Erick Erickson’s money quote:

This was a liberal judge rejecting the vote of 7 million people on nebulous constitutional grounds.

Actually, a judge isn’t required to respect the will of the people. A judge’s job is to interpret the Constitution and the law, period. Whether a law is popular or unpopular with voters is inconsequential.

On a similar note, Erickson argues that since 3/4 of the states have passed legislation against same-sex marriage, we should ban gay marriage with an amendment to the US Constitution. This would take the issue out of a judge’s hand entirely.

Summary: The Kool Kidz™ respect the federal government so much, they think it should take over the institution of marriage.