Lee Hawkins has put up a valiant fight for Congress.

But he ain’t gonna win.

See the previous post about the Hall GOP imploding. It’s a mess on the local Republican side. This is where the party sheds its driftwood, and solidifies itself, right?

Hawkins is in State House District 27. Wanna go up against the incumbent war hero? Probably not.

Will Hawkins compete against Butch Miller, the State Senator that claimed his seat? Probably not.

If I were  Hall Commission chairman Tom Oliver, I’d be watching my back.

He won’t just sit quietly on the sidelines. Once one has a taste of power, it must be fed.

Bonus Snarky Comment: Remember those dreamy days when a $100K loan to your campaign would scare off potential rivals? That $100K don’t mean a thing when you’re running for US Congress.