New Congressman Tom Graves and Krazy Congressman Paul Broun have something in common.

They both voted to protect perverts who senselessly kill small animals for sexual thrills.

Graves and Broun voted against House Resolution 5566 which would ban the sale and distribution of “crush videos”.  These videos show women crushing small animals to death with high heels, or their own bare feet, for men to masturbate to.

Seriously. These videos exist, people.

The new legislation makes the interstate sale of such videos a crime subject to fines and imprisonment of up to five years. The resolution passed overwhelmingly. In fact, only three congressmen voted against the legislation- Ron Paul, and both of North Georgia’s Congressmen (Graves & Broun).

According to CBS News:

Crush videos appeal to a sexual fetish by showing women crushing to death small animals with their bare feet or wearing high heels.

” The bill (Broun) voted against would protect small, defenseless animals from sexual deviants. Broun, Jr. sided with the deviants on this vote, yet further proof that he is an utter embarrassment,” said Broun’s opponent Russell Edwards.

No word on Lee Hawkins’ opinion, but he’s in a run-off with Graves in three weeks. Let’s see if he runs with it.

And Graves and Broun? You are both an utter embarrassment to our nation. Each of you should be checked for mental health- or a soul.