Nathan, you’re in a tight spot bro.

The numbers are against you (see Banks vs. Lutz below). You have many of the same challenges, but your opponent is easier to beat.

Free advice to your campaign below the fold.

First, go big or go home. You gotta be the most conservative candidate. Right now, you’re not perceived as such. You’ve gotta be the Yosemite Sam of Georgia politics, shooting your gun into the sky and making a ruckus of the whole political landscape. Make some noise. The most anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-immigrant candidate will win this race, and right now Handel has robocalls from Alaska Barbie and Massachusetts Ken ready to roll.  How are you gonna respond?

Wanna be anti-immigrant? Why aren’t you bringing TV cameras to a college when you demand to see their enrollment statistics? Bonus: Your opponent never went to college, so every time you can get on a campus with some media attention, you give reporters a chance to do your own dirty work. Let them explain that Handel never attended, while, ahem, you went to LAW SCHOOL.
Wanna be super moral? Why aren’t you doing a press conference on Cheshire Bridge road at the nude modeling shacks? Bring a preacher, distribute free bibles and a copy of the constitution.

You have to go to the seemy underbelly, bring a reporter and get the facts. Handel can’t do this. She is sympathetic to many of these folks, and wouldn’t want to draw attention to her past views.

Second, neutralize Palin and Romney. Palin’s endorsement carries weight in these parts, while Romney’s is wishy-washy. Tell us that Georgians should decide Georgia, and those “outsiders” from Massachusetts and the other 48 states can go to hell. We’re Georgians, you say, we don’t need outsiders (carpetbaggers sounds better) dictating to us who we should vote for. Your base will eat it up.  Sure, she was endorsed by outsiders, but surely you can pull some strings and get the GA Tea Party Endorsement. Or Eric Johnson. Or Oxendine. Hey, the Ox may have been spectacularly defeated, but he got some votes, bro. Don’t be too proud to accept 10,000 votes from The Ox.

Third, hang Handel with her record. She supported the gay group Log Cabin Republicans. She wasn’t endorsed by Georgia Right To Life. She funded Planned Parenthood while on the Fulton County Commission for chrissake. You’re practically a lifelong government employee, so turn that to your advantage and point out that she’s held three (four? five?) positions in government herself. She’s a bureaucrat, you say. She sees a paycheck in state government, but you see a payment toward Georgia’s future. You can use that line. Put it in a speech, I’ll tip my cap to you.

Finally, go big or go home. I said this earlier, but we gotta repeat it. Recent history has shown the most conservative candidate gets the nomination (see Florida’s Rubio, Nevada’s Angle, Kentucky’s Paul or South Carolina’s Haley).  You’re gonna buck that trend if you lose this thing. The tide is trying to sweep you to the nomination, but you’re fighting it. Go with your gut. Go with your history.

Reclaim the base that is rightfully yours.

This was free political advice. Use it at your discretion. Next time, I’ll charge– a LOT- because I know that Republicans can afford it.

One final note: Your original web design looked like this:

That’s top-notch. Trust your people. Get that template back instead of the boring one you’re using now. Spectacular photography. Also more pics like this:

We already know you look good in a suit, but you’re too elitist in it all of the time.

Bust out some jeans, man, and show the folks you’re a working stiff.