“We have come here today to tell a bloated, heavy-handed socialist government that we have had enough!” – Jeff Jones, Gainesville Tea Party, less than less than three months after Barack Obama assumed office.

Bonus: Jones rails against Obama’s assault on the right to bear arms; the attempt to shut down conservative talk radio, and the bank bail-out.

It’s like the greatest hits of GOP Groupthink, all packaged into an angry tubby guy that dresses like a Georgia Tech night-school student.

Let’s schedule a debate with this guy. We’ll pick the liberal, this guy can represent the conservatives, and we’ll just hash it out. Gainesville College auditorium? Wild Wing Cafe? Wherever.

He’s deluded. He’s mistaken. He’s a big old sissy cryin’  because for the first time since he reached political awareness his chosen presidential candidate isn’t in the White House any longer.

And he endorses people like this.