The always classy Glenn Beck on O’Reillys show:

Beck: One more thing. The most Marie Antoinette I have ever seen of anything with Michelle Obama. Did you see the dress she was wearing when she went down and toured the oil spill?

O’Reilly: I did not.

Beck: This is good stuff. She looks like — who pulls this dress out of the closet and says ‘you know what I’m going tour the oil…’cause I can relate. It’s designer dress that is all white with black swatches all over it.

O’Reilly: You don’t think she was dressed appropriate for the oil spill?

Beck: I think this is an outrage. Look at the dress!

O’Reilly: Its an outrage?

Beck: Oh its absolutely and outrage!

O’Reilly: I love you. Laura ingraham came on here last night and said that Michelle Obama’s garden is a left wing plot. Now you are saying Michelle Obama’s dress is an outrage?!