Even though we have stated publicly that we don’t have a dog in this GOP fight, it doesn’t stop us from throwing an opinion into the blogosphere.

We might be petty, but we’re not lazy.

So here’s the scoop on the GOP Hall County Commission primary, as seen from the eyes of a long-time Hall resident with a reliable liberal bent:

Let’s acknowledge what all the insiders already know. This is a heavy GOP district, and the current Republican state representatives have been around for a while. There aren’t a lot of places for the younger generation of Republican politicians to go. We have burgeoning world leaders sitting in exile in Flowery Branch and North Hall that can’t find a position to run for!!!

They aren’t brave enough to challenge the state status-quo, however. And the state legislators know this. They have no competition from below, so the State Reps have no reason to climb upward. None of them threw their hat in the ring for the State Senate or Congressional seat that WAS WIDE FRICKING OPEN.

At least Hawkins has cojones.

Enter Bobby Banks. This guy has been the south Hall commissioner for four years. So, regardless of what he did (or didn’t do), he’s the most likely choice to draw a primary challenge while the newbies get up the guts to go after the big dog(s).

NEWS FLASH ABOUT BOBBY BANKS: The Hall GOP machine doesn’t like him very much.

Banks doesn’t kiss ass very well, and he has ticked off some of the local GOP elite. Maybe it was his pronouncement that McCain was an idiot shortly before the 2008 election. Surely, multitudes of Republicans felt the same way, but Banks had the courage to say it publicly.

You better not disagree with the party, but if you do, keep it quiet for God’s sake!

Enter Craig Lutz. He was a sitting city councilman in Flowery Branch, and established respect among the same Republican folks that Banks had unsuccessfully courted for years. He looks GOP. He says GOP things. He rails against teachers (calling them simply “government employees”) while his wife works for the school system.

Cognitive dissonance? That’s a Republican trait.

Lutz served half of his term as councilman and resigned to run against Banks. He’s the most accomplished of the new breed of Hall Republicans, and he’s putting up a strong campaign.

And Kimbo Senter… where to start with this guy?

Long-time resident, lives near the current state rep. Saw his truck at the Chicopee church; saw it later on Thurman Tanner parkway. Don’t know if the other guys have an auto magnet, but if not GET ONE PRONTO!!!

Kimbo has a memorable name, goes door-to-door with a full lip o’ Copenhagen, and is delightfully non-specific on his website. What does he stand for? Beats me- he only mentions “keeping taxes low”… which is as daring in a Republican primary as Bon Jovi ‘taking a risk’ on a second encore song at a New Jersey concert.

Every Republican gives lip service to lower taxes, Kimbo. Way to take a bold stand my man.

If conventional wisdom is to be believed, Banks scores long-time residents, middle and lower class folks, and the rural areas.

Lutz will get the new growth, the affluent subdivisions in south Hall, and the crazed new-Republicans that are appalled at a black President in the White House. Additionally, Lutz has tapped into the Sterling on the Lake crowd and that group is fervent about locking up the entire political regime in South Hall.

Kimbo is coasting on his long-time residency, business ties, and some *unspecified* and unclear support from his neighbor on Kilgore. Who knows what this guy will pull.

One issue to consider: Lutz wants to make the entire county pay for the sewer plant in South Hall that serves only a few neighborhoods. Banks wants only those neighborhoods to pay for the sewer plant themselves. Important point to consider.

ENDORSEMENT: We can’t endorse these jokers, all of ’em are nutty. Bobby Banks rails against Obama on his re-election website, thinking he can reverse the federal government’s march to socialism from his county commissioner seat. Craig Lutz is a member of It’s not ‘Public School,’ it’s ‘Government School’ on Facebook- while his wife is a teacher. Meanwhile, Kimbo is blissfully unaware of nearly every threat facing our county. It’s a toss-up.

But if you’re gonna go to battle with numbnuts on your team, might as well go with the most experienced numbnut. Banks has four years experience as a commissioner, Lutz has two years of elected governance in a different position entirely, and Kimbo has no experience whatsoever. Go with Banks, dear citizens, and get ready for Banks’ valiant fight against Obamacare by approving a freaking streetlight or two.

PREDICTION: Banks and Lutz go to a run-off. Lutz wins.

We all lose.