Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Jane Kidd released the following statement:

“While the other Party’s Gubernatorial nominees are leveling increasingly hostile and personal attacks against one another, it is imperative that Democrats work together to unite our party and win back the Governor’s Mansion for the good of our state.

“Democrats are proud of our Party’s diversity, which reflects the population of our great state. With that diversity comes natural differences of opinion and a healthy, honest debate of the issues. I ask each of our Democratic candidates for Governor to act responsibly during the final days of the primary campaign. While differences in policy, opinion and experience are fair game during the rough-and-tumble campaign season, I hope our Democratic candidates will refrain from personal attacks and mud-slinging toward each other. In short, let’s have a clean fight.

“Republican governance has harmed education, transportation and job opportunities in our state for eight years. As we set out to choose the Democratic nominee for Governor, let’s not forget that fixing the damage done by Georgia Republicans is what will ultimately help our state emerge stronger than ever and lead to a brighter future for Georgia families.”