Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE) is hosting a conference from August 7-8 to discuss ways to save public education. We will concentrate our efforts primarily, but not exclusively, on Georgia’s colleges and universities, from being hurt by budget cuts even more than they already have been. At GSPHE we recognize that our state and nation have fallen on very hard times, but that education is vital for a proper recovery. We will discuss ways in which more revenue could be raised and other aspects of the state budget which could be cut instead, because we acknowledge the severity of this crisis.


What: GSPHE’s first summer conference
When: August 7-8
Where: Atlanta, Georgia Tech’s Campus
Who: GSPHE and those who value public education

Lodging will be provided at a local church. Meals will also be included in the registration fee. The fee right now is only $25 but may go up slightly as we approach the actual date of the conference so hurry up and register today!