Click the above picture to watch WGCL-TV’s coverage of Senator Balfour.

The kool kidz™ at Peach Pundit are attacking the messenger, rather than the message. They’re calling the story “innuendo” and “loose facts”. Don’t go around spreading slanderous tripe about “alleged” affairs and “alleged” impropriety, they say. We expect better from “real” media, they claim.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s look at the evidence.

  1. Saltzman claims she “uncovered a paper trail that raises questions about the relationship between a state senator and female lobbyist”. True. She doesn’t allege an affair, but raises questions regarding their relationship. Listening comprehension. It’s important.
  2. Senator Balfour is the President of the NCSL and sponsored a trip to Israel. Everyone on the trip was either a public official or a spouse- except for the female lobbyist. Balfour was the only other Georgian on the trip. Does this raise questions about their relationship? Yeah, it kinda does.
  3. Why was the female lobbyist included? Her only response is “I’m Jewish”. Again, not really a clear cause-and-effect relationship here.
  4. She was listed as a member of the Ga State Senate on the official documents for the trip. Isn’t Balfour cognizant of his own senate colleagues? How did this slip-up happen?
  5. In 2008, the lobbyist paid for Balfour’s trip to Savannah. Balfour doesn’t remember this, saying  “”I can’t imagine she paid for a trip that I would attend”.
  6. Balfour paid the female  lobbyist $$$ for working on his 2009 campaign. She has no recollection of this, saying that she has “no idea what that is”.
  7. The female lobbyist has 180 lunches in the past two years, with 80 different lawmakers. 20 of those lunches were with the same guy – Balfour.

Saltzman could’ve gone a step further. It’s not “alleged” impropriety, but straight-up impropriety. There aren’t “loose facts”, but real documented facts. Saltzman is correct: she “uncovered a paper trail that raises questions about the relationship between state senator and female lobbyist”.

And those questions still haven’t been answered, regardless of the kool kidz™ gnashing of teeth.