Republican blogs are cutting Nathan Deal this morning over the English Only ads running in Alabama. Deal didn’t write the ads but some on PeachPundit think Deal will gladly co-op the issue. Some how those Republicans think an English Only agenda has something to do with ghetto grandmothers and immigration. Both of those topics hit the Republican base every election cycle. After the election, GOP leaders like Deal never solve immigration, or get rid of ghetto grandmothers, or stop abortion.

Some of the comments:

“Great year to be running on – elect me because of my decades of Washington experience.”

“I’m crooked, but I’ll stop the brown people from taking yer jobs!” Seriously, not the worst campaign strategy I’ve heard of. He’s gonna need something.

The “New New Deal.” If Deal can just figure out how to get a Roosevelt to endorse him, he would have the governorship locked-up.

Deal, who supported Michael “tank driver” Dukakis after 8 years of Reagan and who now describes himself as a conservative Republican certainly has enough chutzpah but for someone who has represented the illegal alien capital of Georgia.

Yup, the GOP has a clear focus on the issues of the country.