Candidate Tom Graves has a couple million in ethical problems. James Mills had been supporting Graves. Now that the $2 million lawsuit against Graves has become an issue, what will James do? WWJD?

Will GOP Representative Mills blame the corrupt bank? Will he blame the corrupt politican? Or, will James hide like a little weasel? He should either bailout the bank or bailout his buddy!

When a candidate has such deep ethical problems as potentially defrauding a bank, his backers have to either abandon or double down with support.

In the case of Mills, he must make a decision and stand by his decision. Why? Mills is the Chair of the House Banking Committee. He ‘supervised’ the Georgia Banking Crisis. The banking crisis isn’t over but Chairman Mills has been blaming Washington. Now the crisis has him trapped.

Graves borrowed money that he can’t or won’t pay back. So tell us, James, how are you going to blame Washington this time?

Look for Mills to dump on Graves just like Mills dumped on Hawkins. It’s the Party line to blame the borrower for getting too far in debt. So let’s see if Mills takes a stand.

His banking buddies who give him 95% of his campaign funds.

His buddy Graves a Hall County outsider.

Or balme a foolish borrower who must accept the consequences of his actions.

Or weasel out by not taking a stand.