Today is Memorial Day. A time set aside for Americans to remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We spend most of this day at parades, cookouts, and some at cemetaries or memorials. It is a joyous day for most, but a melancholy day for those families that have trully sacrificed.

Memorial Day has also been the unofficial campaign kickoff for many political races. Today as I stand on the corner of Green Street, I will see Lee Hawkins, Butch Miller, Doug Collins, Carl Rogers, etc. There will possibly be some Democratic candidates there as well. Those that can’t march in this parade have sent out Memorial Day messages to their followers.

Each of these people are preparing for political battle. I heard one of these candidates say that politics is war and war is hell. In some of the messages politicians have used the terms I’ll fight for your freedoms or fight for your values. Dear politicians please remember that today is Memorial Day. It is their day not your day. Though I have never been in a foxhole, I have been in the heat of a political campaign, and I am pretty sure the two are not alike.

Happy Memorial Day. And remember some gave all!