Britain has a national ID card about the size of a credit card. The card includes ‘biometric information,’ digitalized fingerprints, and a digitilized cacial photo. The estimated costs of giving everyone such a card was $7 billion U.S. dollars.

The immigration controversy in AZ may lead to a National ID for the U.S. Let’s hope not. Over 75% of illegal immigrants have a job waiting for them in the U.S.

That means we could stop 75% of illegal immigration by punishing illegal employers. Finding the employers won’t be hard at all. Businesses advertise. Buy permits and licenses. Have phone numbers and physical addresses. And employers must pay FICA taxes for every hour worked by a legal or illegal employee.

The anti-immigration laws are working the problem ass backwards by random searches for illegals in car and on street corners.

Before our country spends over $7 billion dollars on a national ID card that is doomed to fail just like in Britain, stop the supply of illegal jobs at the source. Illegal employers.

It ain’t that hard to do. Not nearly as hard as rounding up people who don’t want to be found.