Interesting story out of North Georgia today.

Four high school students made a film about the history of racism on school property. The school is upset and so is the community. The community doesn’t really have a lot of problems with race. We know students and student groups at NGCSU. Asian, Muslim, and Hispanic students never feel the least bit uncomfortable eating some country cooking at the local spots. Never. Just like students anywhere, the minorities can gather at the Waffle House late at night without being stared at or getting poor service.

In fairness, Dahlonega is a nice college town. And it’s very unlikely the town has a history of lynchings. So why the concerns about retaliation against the teacher and the four students? Reverse racism or a need to suppress history?

History does point out that Nathan Bedford Forrest formed the KKK after the Civil War. He also quit when the violence became too much for even a war hero.