Yeah, he did. He just forgot to report some money. Just pocket change. Just $400. $400 thousand dollars. Or maybe just $280,000. Who knows and who could find out?

The Associated Press has picked up the story and smeared Johnson. The Johnson smear job, so it goes on the street, was funded for the Handel Campaign by a GOP leader, Sonny Perdue.

That goes along with the rumor that Perdue black mailed Cagle to drop out of the Governors race. The ‘mutual’ or ‘inappropriate physical relationships’ of the Lt. Gov. allegedly the secret behind the black mail. Perdue allegedly hand picked Handel to replace him.

Don’t think human ambition stoops that low in Georgia? Look at the huge number of GOP candidates who quit elected office early to run for higher office, including Flowery Branch’s Craig Lutz, 9th District Congressman Deal, and Lee Hawkins.

We could say that in the GOP when any opportunity knocks, rush to the door!