Yes, some elected officials don’t know the price of milk. Others can’t list the 10 Commandments but sponsor posting the Biblical Top Ten in every court-house. And then we have the “I don’t have nothing to wear to your swearing in ceremony” category of stupid.

Our recent State Senate election produced a clear winner instead of a run off. We might argue that Butch Miller wasn’t the best candidate but we can all agree he was in the top two. Of the Republicans he was the best.

So when he had a formal swearing-in ceremony, who disrespected him and the office that he now holds?

A Republican with 18 years in the State House. What did our GOP friend do? Did he scream “You lie!” while Butch had one hand on the Bible?

Nope. Our GOP friend was making a fashion statement in flip-flops and a T-shirt. Some people are just out of touch with the people and with good taste.    Let’s hope that his fashion sense was the only stinkie thing he presented to Butch Miller et al.  

Someone should have blocked the door. No shirt collar, no open toe sandals, no service.