From the Gainesville Times. Our state has over 250 banks but only 65 bank examiners. We used to have 95 examiners under Democrats. Under Republicans we have de-regulated banking by fiat, added more than a hundred banks, and de-regulated banks by cutting examinations.

We shouldn’t wonder why banking and consumers are suffering more in Georgia than any other state. Our state banking crisis has cost consumers by restricting credit. That’s a cut we didn’t need while the economy plunged. And businesses might have been hurt the most by tight credit.

The credit and  financial center of our country is New York and Wall Street. The entire state of New York barely has 100 banks. And only four failures since 2001.

But the real crime isn’t in New York or Wall Street. Nor does it come from federal regulations.

Our state Department of Banking and Finance is self funding, collecting over $20 million dollars in fees per year. It makes a profit! Something Republicans say never happens in government.

So why the budget cuts for a department that makes money and protects your money? The GOP wants to spend the profits on roads, tax cuts for Hollywood movie producers, and international corporations.

It must suck to be a bank examiner in Georgia. Powerless, overworked, and with great job security.

Our state government might as well leave the key to the money drawer on the counter with a sign that says, “Deregulation has eliminated any need for bank examiners and bank tellers. Please help yourself to taxpayer money.”