Glenn Beck needs your support, now more than ever. Make your checks payable to GoldLine International, Beck’s favorite charity? Gold fell steadily in price from 1980 to 1999. Now gold is in an up cycle. In this cycle Beck ‘reports’ on ‘golden issues’ just before the GoldLine International commercials.

It was called Payola, a crime at one time.

Payola has come to mean the payment of a bribe in commerce and in law to say or do a certain thing against the rules of law, but more specifically a commercial bribe. The FCC defines “Payola” as a violation of the sponsorship identification rule that recently resulted in tens of millions of dollars in fines to cable corporations in New York.

The radio era of ‘payola’ coincided with Elvis Presley and Rock n Roll music. Payola was a bride to get favorable treatment.

Rand Paul, Tea Party candidate wants your help as well. Please send your checks to the NAACP. Paul is very concerned about racial discrimination in government. But not in private industries like restaurants. As heard on Fox News in defense of Rand Paul, “If a private business wants to say ‘we don’t want any blonde women or mustached guys,’ it ought to be their right.”

Maybe Fox News wants your help. Is being blonde and female racial? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 doesn’t take any rights away from blonde-aphobics. The Act does forbid a sign at the front door of a restaraunt banning tan skin in any shade.

“Whites Only” is the issue for Fox News and Rand Paul. We have the right to refuse service to those without shoes or shirts. No one ever had a ‘Right’ to be a racist. Never.

Rand Paul is not a racist. He just thinks racists have had their rights trampled by the Federal government. Hmmmmm.