It is the official party line. Obama caused the oil spill and we must start calling it the “Obama Oil Spill.”

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee addressed the spill at a hearing Wednesday where leading Republicans including John Mica of Florida sought to pin blame on President Barack Obama’s administration.

Outlining what he called the “Obama oil spill timeline,” Mica said the administration failed to heed warnings about the need for more regulation and issued “basically a carte blanche recipe for disaster” in approving drilling by the Deepwater Horizon, leased by oil giant BP PLC, and several dozen other wells.

He also said the spill could have been contained more quickly if the Coast Guard and other agencies had a better plan.

 “This went on and on,” he said. “I’m not going to point fingers at BP, the private industry, when it’s government’s responsibility to set the standards.”

“The Obama Oil Spill.” That’s sort of like calling Hurricane Katrina “Bush’s Big Blow.” Sort of. Maybe more like renaming the storm, George Bush.

There’s only one important piece missing from the Obama Oil Spill puzzle. When did Obama say, “BP, you’re doing heck of a job!”