Our learning curve can be rather steep. Who knows what that really means but we don’t learn as fast as we should.

The housing market continues to suck but the exotic loans called subprime aren’t the driving force. Anymore. With 10 percent of all buyers past due at least one payment in the first quarter, it’s now the conventional loans going into default.

So how will James Mills and the GOP spin that news? Maybe we shouldn’t be listening anymore to incumbents. There’s only so many ways to say, “It’s not my fault!”

Georgia has had the most banking failures of any state since 2000, even before the ‘crisis.’ Why? And excuses aren’t important anymore. We’ve heard that banking laws from the 1970s and the 1980s and the 1990s were to blame. We blamed federal regulations and deregulations. We blamed home buyers. We blamed everyone but national and state banks. Those ‘national banks’ got bailed out. Most of them. And some got ‘sold’ in back door financing schemes to other major players on Wall Street.

So let’s get past the cycle of blame. That means giving the banks a turn in the hot seat to complete the cycle. Then we can get down to the root issues.

Human behavior. Ours. We had a hand in creating all these institutions, mortgages, overly expensive houses, a need to keep up with the “Jones,” and … materialism. Money. Money as a measure of self worth.

Ironic. A private in the military would be less valuable than used car salesmen. It should have never been ‘how much you make in life’ but ‘what you make with your life.’

Not a message an ‘electoral political’ will utter. Ever.

So get past the mechanics tool set. Look at the mechanic.