In Hall County, most homeowners saw a tax increase of $200 to $300 when the GOP cut out the homestead credit. Nearly all state fees were increased 200%. Education took many more hits and Jones School had to be closed. Teachers and all government employees took cuts in pay disguised as a few extra days off.

Yet, Perdue found a way to cut property taxes and income taxes for people making more than $100,000 with no kids.

Nice. In this economy, being retired with a ‘fixed income’ over $100,000 and no taxes is an opulence the working class shouldn’t have to support.

Thank the Hall County Legislative Delegation for putting a larger burden on your backs.

OPS! I forgot. If you can make enough money to send your kids to private colleges, Perdue just increased your share of HOPE scholarship funds. And grants to private colleges. While cutting HOPE funds for future teachers.

With Gov. Sonny Perdue’s backing, lawmakers nixed funding for the Promise teacher scholarship and HOPE teacher scholarship programs, first started by then-Gov. Zell Miller in the 1990s. Thousands of students and teachers have benefitted from the scholarships, but many of them had no idea the state was even considering killing the program.

So much for teaching math and science in public schools. Or attracting and training better teachers.

Had enough?