A Congressman from Indiana will resign today. In a public statement, Souder says he had an affair and “sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff.”

A “mutual relationship?” MUTUAL? Is that a backhanded way of saying, “I screwed her and she liked it?” Mutual…

Doesn’t the man mean “sexual relationship” with a paid staffer? If not, then what the Heck E. Darn is a “mutual relationship” and why must one call it a sin Against God?

Thou shalt not get caught having a mutual relationship while a member of the family values party.

Souder is a strong social conservative who has said in the past that his views are driven by religion — a “holistic” exercise in letting his beliefs guide him on all issues. 

Holistic mutual relationship? And Souder thinks the poisonous environment [of politics] can twist personal defects for political gain?

Naw … Poltical power enables the corrupt to twist and poison many innocent lives. All while using under cover names like conservative, Republican, patriotism, religion, family values,  evangelical Christian …

Meanwhile, Souder is going to “renew his walk with the Lord.”

Is that going to be a “mutual relationship” or will Souder invent a new phrase like …. a “Richardson?”

A Richardson would be common knowledge and therefore not a sin.