The question is being asked by a Republican website this morning.

On May 15, on Jekyll Island a runner, known only as Lowell Cagle, 44 from Gainesville, Georgia finished  near the top 100 in a race called the Turtle Crawl Sprint.

Lowell was 75th in the bike portion of the race, and 94th in the run. He swam like a rock finishing 108th.

So the questions are pretty simple. If it was the Lt. Gov., why the assumed name? If his ‘baby name of Casey’ is good enough for politics, was Lowell ashamed of it on Jekyll Island when competing with the Big Boys?

PeachPundit commentors question why did Cagle drop out of the Governors Race with a bad back? If at this point, Lowell Cagle is well enough to have trained for a mini-IronMan type of event, then Lowell Cagle is well enough to ‘Handel” political competition. 

It does seem odd that the lengthy political race, just now heating up, couldn’t be finished after the ‘back surgery.’

Is there something to the “mutual relationship” stories or did the Ethics Complaint made last year hit the mark?