Then comes this news out of Texas, the ‘country’ that only pretends to be the largest State in the Union.

It seems the Texas Governors Mansion got torched by a very good arsonist. Very good because they were never caught. It would be understandable if a 3 bedroom double wide were torched and no one was ever caught. But the spheres it must take to burn the Governor’s house?

So it will be 2 more years to repair the palace. Mean while, the King of Texas is making do with a … $1.8 million dollars rental. And, it seems Texans are happy to pay the $10,000 a month rent. Rent with expenses. About $850,000 in expenses paid by the GOP supporters in two years.

It’s hard to do the math on this one. The five employees, including a full time AND a part time chef, cost about $200,000 a year. The rent and expenses are over $600,000 so far. Lawn maintenance a cool $44,000. The heated pool a warm $8,400 in maintenance. And $18,000 for ‘consumables.’

Somebody count the china before he checks out of the 6000 square foot rental and back into the cramped 2700 square feet of living space in the … mansion.